Thank you James Dobson's! The future looks great!

This deserves way more of an OP than I can give it as I’m tired and having eye problems, so I’ll just let it speak for itself. From Focus on the Family and James Dobson comes [PDF] LETTER FROM THE FUTURE- OBAMA’S AMERICAcourtesy of James Dobson’s Focus groups.

Highlights (written from 2012):

Man, if I didn’t have reason to vote for Obama before, this clinches it! No more Rush Limbaugh, graphic sex on network television, homos get bonus money for enlisting in an all gay military, and no more Fundies teaching biology, hell yeah!

Unfortunately there’s no more Israel since Iraq (or Iran or someone) blew it up after Obama drew the all-gay armed forces out of Baghdad (they kept complaining that “everyone says Lagos is what Tikrit used to be and you can still get hand woven baskets for $4!”) so I guess I won’t be going to that “New Herod’s Pleasure Palace Dead Sea Foam Party”, but as the good book says, “You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life. The facts of life.”

I’ll have some of what he’s smoking.

Liberal elitest laws I look forward to:
Mandatory availability of free pornography
Mandatory participation in the production of free pornography
Mandatory wife swapping

Thank you, future president Obama!

I’m looking forward to my mandatory abortions! Since I’m poor, President Obama will pay me for them!!

And he will pay you to get pregnant – but your unborn baby MUST be torn apart, as painfully as possible, for stem cell research.

Well, I guess that being forced to become a homosexual will be a bit difficult at first, but on the other hand it’s a great way of meeting new people.

With Vaseline, it doesn’t take nearly as much force as you would think!

Man, that Dobson guy spends a lot of time thinking about homosexuality. I think he’s having a little tent revival in his pants.

The first part about the boy scouts and homosexual marriage made me do a double take when I misread “cabinet meeting” as “cabaret meeting.”:smack::smiley:

Fine atomisation of coffee with impressive dispersal.

-Taking the Supreme Court back from neo-cons - check.
-Legalized gay marriage - check
Separation of church and state? -check.
Legal abortion and porn… legal rights for “suspected terrorists” being prosecuted…free health care for all citizens…? -check.

Damn, how did they get hold of my list of demands?

I, for one, welcome our new impeccably dressed, show tune signing, interior decorating overlords.

It’s worked out very well for Canada

This production brought to you by Broadway For The Deaf and Broadway Hears.

So TV would become the Internet without trolling? Sign me up!

It’s also interesting how often that document calls the Bible ‘hate speech’ and mentions that its position on homosexuality in specific is hateful. Also, there’s this little tidbit:

(Emphasis mine.) So none of the church members are willing to allow their own church to meet in their homes? Not one member is willing to open his home to his fellow Christians? What kind of people does Dobson think Christians are?

This is also interesting:

Doesn’t Dobson think his fellow Christians are competent parents? Again, what kind of people does Dobson think worship Christ?

He also goes on about how getting Barnes & Noble and Borders and other big chain bookstores to drop his kind of literature would lead to Christian publishers going out of business. He obviously has a very low opinion of the ability of Christians to seek out alternative bookstores or even purchase books online. This isn’t just him being behind the times: Small, local booksellers dominated the landscape before the big chains and they still exist, even out here in the boonies. Dobson thinks Christians only shop at big-box stores to the exclusion of all else.

Dobson must think the Christian faith is very fragile and shallow. He must have an even lower opinion of those who hold it. I’m an atheist and I largely dislike religion in general and I have personal reasons to dislike Christianity, but Dobson makes me want to defend the faith against his puerile, alarmist, and insulting tactics.

I, for one, am looking forward to the compulsory healthcare and the abolition of heterosexual marriage.

Why are they so afraid of a small group of people like the gays?

Obviously because homosexual acts are so damn tempting that everyone would choose to be gay if they weren’t strictly monitored by society’s watchdogs and firmly molded into the heterosexual standard.

Because gays can’t wait to be left alone with young boys!

I’ve saved that letter and am going to email it back to them in 2012. I encourage everyone else to do the same.