Thank you, Lord, for Sequential Threads.


Generic Thread
Um… Hi

Why does my mind torment me?
“Who is that wierdo? Oh wait, its my reflection” :frowning:

General Questions:

Ok… I am cooking a turkey
Can you hear the toilet screaming, Clarice?

Why no domesticated medium-sized cats?
How long do I cook this bird?

Odd places you’ve found your cat
Thanksgiving Stuffing recipes

Beats the ol’ sage’n’onion I guess

Dang! Ice beat me to it.


Help Needed for Cat Skin Problem

Mystery acne pops up only when I’m sick


**I’ll take the $28,000 Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese, please
$10,000,000 shrimp trumps $28,000 grilled cheese **

I popped in to report:

So Who’s Cooking Thanksgiving and Whatcha Makin’?
Odd places you’ve found your cat.

…but I see kitty’s already been cooked in another combo.

Here in MPSIMS:

Prithee: Indulge my megalomania!
Primitive revenge fantasies…
What should I do with my extra makeup?


I can kill a housefly with my bare hands.
Do you feel like you have made an impact here?**

This was from yesterday…
Umm… hi
Umm… Hi
What, were all the descriptive thread titles taken?

MPSIMS Three-fer:

Extreme cute fuzziness overload.
Cute Little Boys From Church Are They?
What goes on inside a gay bathhouse?

Curse you, Larry. Beaten to it again. :smiley:

MPSIMS - just now

I was a jerk - what should I do? (Lawyers please respond.)
Well, there was just a fire in my apartment building

What goes on in a gay bathhouse?


Cute Little Boys From Church Are They
Bricker! Sam! Doorsie!

Repeat after me:


Are you a Mead Slut, or a Mead Virgin?

Our new superheroes?

Odd places you’ve found your cat?

These cats really do get around, don’t they?

Pass the “deergoat”:

Pets and Turkey
Meat Stuffing

I am disappointed by this bag of baby carrots
I’m not very happy with this apple, either

**Did you know that all women have periods? (link included)
What goes on inside a gay bathhouse? **

…and then,

What goes on inside a gay bathhouse?
A study-free weekend!!!