Thank you straight dope! ;)

You know I have found myself in a lot of crazy situations in my life. Half of the time I knew damn well what I was getting myself into. Other times I didn’t foresee the drama around the corner whatsoever.

I come to realize that…

Just about anything I find funny or exciting, or will get me money or sex…

A. Will piss someone else off.
B. Is illegal
C. Is severely socially frowned upon
D. Is a scam or lie


Why? I guess I have some destructive impulses. :wink:

Recently in my life, I started to filter my ideas through other people. Whether it be in real life or on the Internet. By searching forums or starting threads.

But anyway…the SD has served as some sort of angel on my shoulder. Sometimes I listen to it, sometimes I hit it with a sack of apples.

But overall, I have been keeping myself out of trouble more often.

You’ve taken your first step into a larger world.

Can you show your appreciation by posting a pic? :slight_smile:

Wow. It sounds like you have a sad life. =(

You’re welcome.

Just remember the number one rule here, isn’t just for here. It is for your whole life.
Don’t be a jerk.

Hmm. What kind of apples are we talking? :wink:

Well that explains the bruising on my shoulder; thanks a lot!

Diamonds02, your post gives me hope. I’ve been thinking that people with a skewed concept of appropriate behavior may be incapable of change and possibly incapable of wanting to modify their behavior to better their lives.

One of the few pieces of wisdom I’ve picked up over the years is that when everyone is telling you the same thing, there’s a high probability they’re right.

Good luck.

I’ve said some blunt things about you recently, D02, and I hope you understand they were not said out of malice or an attempt to belittle you. I think a decent part of life is knowing whose advice to listen to. You can’t go wrong listening to the collective wisdom of this board, because we are geniuses. How do we know we’re geniuses? Just ask any one of us!

John Cheese at, wrote an article that seems to have a similar theme. He has children and he wants to be a good parent. But he had terrible parents and he sometimes has a hard time knowing what good parenting is. He wrote the article about the difficulties somebody who grew up in a unusual environment can have in figuring out what’s considered normal.

This isn’t the pit, so I can’t call you what you are. Shame, that.

Either I’m way, way too cynical or you’re way, way too naive.

I would, but I don’t know how. :wink: Since I’m all dumb and stuff.

330 pounds
A little peach fuzz under my nose
Short hair in the front, longer hair in the back
Red flannel shirt. I wear it 3X a week!

I’m sexy and I know it!

Those! :wink:


Thanks for the link!

You know where it is. If you have anything to say meet me there. At 6 pm!


Uh huh. I bet. Why do I think you just made that shit up right as you were posting it? :rolleyes:

Maybe both, maybe neither.

I’m very interested in people who exhibit the attitude and behavior that’s been typical of Diamonds02 here. There are a couple of people like this in my life; I care about them, but don’t have any idea how to deal with them and wind up having to keep a far distance.

Even if Diamonds02 has simply come up with a fresh way to yank people’s chains, this is a promising statement:

Fist bump! Rachellelogram, I don’t think I’ve told you nearly enough just how much I appreciate you!

This is the smartest thing I’ve seen here in a while. I’ve got some blind spots myself when it comes to how people perceive me, and I’m lucky to have people that’ll call me on it, and say “Hey, you’re being a jerk”.

I get to pay it back, too. My favorite phrase with my friend who comes up with Sure Fire Cockamamie Ideas: “Well, this is bound to end well…”

So whenever you come up with a crazy idea, I hope you have some people in your life that’ll start laughing at you and say “What could possibly go wrong???”

When that happens, listen to them!