I pit Diamonds02 and his honk-happy friend

You and your friend are idiots, as you have evidenced in this thread. More than that, you are probably both sociopaths.

The thread starts out decently, with you recognizing (rightly), that when your friend is blasting his horn early in the morning on your route, it might, just might be breaking the law. So you at least have a few brain cells working. Of course, at the same time you say…

So maybe your brain cells are only operating at about 0.001% efficiency.

Really? Funny as hell? How about I come drive around your neighborhood and blast my horn a few hours before you’re ready to wake up. And I do this EVERY FUCKING MORNING for weeks on end. You think you’d find that funny?

So you think that driving around blasting your horn, waking people up, disturbing dogs and possibly babies is benign? You must have The Royal Assholes Dictionary, 3rd Edition or something because I’m pretty sure you and your friend are the only two people in your situation who think you are doing something “benign.”

I pray to Og that you don’t agree with him on this point. But the fact that you find his honking the horn so innocuous makes me think you probably agree. Guess what? PEOPLE HAVE THEIR OWN ALARM CLOCKS, HAVE THEIR OWN LIVES, THEIR OWN SCHEDULES, AND DON’T NEED YOU AND YOUR FRIEND FUCKING WITH THEIR LIVES.

I know this is kind of a lame pitting because 1) it’s just so fucking easy, no one is going to come to your defense and 2) you seem to at least WANT your friend to stop doing what he’s doing, even if it means a few less laughs for you.

But damn. You just rub me the wrong way. So, Diamonds02, come on down and explain to us all why you think it’s so goddamn funny what you and your friend are doing.

And also, for fuck’s sake, of course it’s illegal. Nearly all cities have noise ordinances that you would be violating. As well as the fact that horns are supposed to be used in emergencies ONLY, and there are almost always laws to that fact.

Almost pitted her myself…

**Diamonds02 **hasn’t shown a lot of skill in the Try Not to be an Asshole to People part of being a human being.

My standard assumption in these cases is that there is no “friend” or early morning honking going on. Somebody just wanted to get a rise out of strangers on the internet.

Sorry for referring to Diamonds02 as a him. But not that sorry.

Y’all are being trolled. She knows that her friend is being a dick.

To paraphrase Dean Wormer- “Being immature, stupid, and an asshole is no way to go through life.”

Strident provokee is both strident and easily provoked.

I seem to recall that she has said she’s on the autism spectrum, if that explains any of her unusual behavior or posting style. Or else she was raised by a wire-mesh mother.

Let’s not forget that she’s the one who brought us
Times when people act in stereotypical ways (and it cracks you up) and who thought it would be teh epic funny to make stinky fake-farts in a crowded public place.

Apparently she not only looks like a 14 year old boy, she’s got the same sense of humor.

Be careful you don’t pull a muscle while reaching for the tautology there, Kimmy.

Just an aside, I wonder if **VogueVixen **follows Diamonds02’s Tumblr.

That’s the problem with society; too damned many people in it.

1+ :smiley:

Only if it’s nothing but Justin Bieber pictures :smiley:


If this horn-honking a-hole even exists, I’m surprised nobody’s rushed them with a baseball bat yet. If that happened in my neighbourhood EVERY MORNING we would find them.

I take it from your spelling of “neighbourhood” that you’re from somewhere with, ah, less lenient gun laws than us 'Murricans. That said, I live in Texas. We would find them, too, oh, yes we would.

Pfft. Baseball bat.

I’m on board with this Pitting.

Or maybe some poetic justice: stalk him through his day and when he settles into beddie-bye for some sleepy time of his own tippytoe into his room and make your way ever so quietly over to the bed where he’s sleeping like a precious lil’ angel, and then…


Wow… Thank you for sharing this.

If Diamonds02 really is autistic, I’m sorry for pitting an autistic person. I am not a psychologist, or specialist in determining autism, but these posts, along with the driving while honking, have got to be some pretty strong evidence.

Nah, trolls are trolls, autistic or not.