Thank you (to the guy in the dark Honda(?))

I’m not sure that you were in a Honda, but thank you for your quick reflexes.

Because of work, I was traveling through downtown Atlanta about half an hour/45 minutes ago in my car. I was in the third lane from the left, you were in the second. The traffic in the lane immediately to my right began to brake hard and the US Postal Service semi began to get over into my lane, fast.

I didn’t react well. I moved into your lane, without looking to see if anything was there. You reacted by moving into the HOV lane, and avoided an accident. I, on the other hand, was having difficulty controlling my car after the sharp swerve. It took me a minute, but I finally managed to control it. The semi continued into my lane, right where I would have been if you hadn’t made room for me.

I drive a little car - small enough that I probably could have been trapped under the semi if I had hit at that angle, at the speed I was going (the general speed of traffic - a little slower than it usually is, around 65). I think it would have been really bad.

I don’t mind that you honked at me. Thank you for not getting angry, but honking and continuing on your way. I deserved the honk. Heck, I probably deserved the finger, but you didn’t do that. I appreciate it. You’re a good driver.

Wow…very scary close call. I’m SO glad you’re OK.

An ex boyfriend of mine lost a fight with a semi many moons ago and it is not pretty. We were both very lucky to live.


You’re welcome.

Just kidding…:smiley:

All I wanna do is to thank you
Even though I don’t know who you are
You who let me change lanes
While I was driving in my car

Aie, Gundy! Thanks a lot, I thought I’d finally gotten that irritating song out of my head for good, and then you go and do that…