That special someone .... doesn't call! Why, Lord??? (multiple-choice quiz)

A scenario for both men and women.

You’ve met a person who has given every impression of being nuts about you, and better yet, they seem reliable. So far he/she has called you when they said they’d call, met you when and where they said they would. (No physical intimacy yet, but some pleasant kissing and hand-holding.) UNTIL NOW.

They were supposed to call today, and you rushed home from work as usual to get the call. But no call yet. Well, they’ve been late before, no biggie. An hour passes. Two hours pass. The whole evening passes. No call. It’s tomorrow already: no call. As usual when this happens, you temporarily feel unattractive and depressed and think that if your hand were another person it wouldn’t love you either.

You rack your brain for possible explanations:
A) An emergency of some sort happened to your love. You should be worried about them, not yourself.
B) You messed up. You said or did something to make them blow you off. You replay everything you’ve done or said and end up no more enlightened.
C) You didn’t necessarily mess up, but your love got nervous about the budding relationship and decided avoidance was the most convenient policy.
D) Quite simply, they forgot. They’ll call you later. You hope.
E) For some reason or another, they didn’t make the call, and now they’re too embarrassed to call again, thinking you’ll be mad.
F) Quite simply, they’re being self-centered and cruel.

Calling them is not an option! Because:
A) The bastard/bitch doesn’t deserve it. You’re too proud. You don’t want to seem needy or desperate.
B) They never gave you their number, you only gave them yours.
C) You call, and there’s no answer, they’re away or else screening and not picking up.

In the near future, you will:
A) Do nothing. You’re too proud. You don’t want to seem needy or desperate.
B) Are you crazy, you’re not throwing away your first chance at romance in two years! You are going to track this mutha down, apologize for anything you might have done and throw yourself at him/her!
C) Are you crazy, you are nobody’s doormat! You are going to track this mutha down and give him/her a piece of your mind!
D) Buy and take home a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. All for you, and it can’t run away. snif

If you do see this person again, you will:
A) Express delight and exclaim, “Darling! I was so worried!”
B) Express coolness. “Hey, that’s cool. Want to go out again?”
C) Express polite asssertiveness. “Nice to see you. Don’t say you’re going to call if you’re not going to call.”
D) Express anger. You’re not forgiving them, and at the moment you don’t care if being unforgiving has ended some of your previous relationships.
E) Walk right past this person and try to pretend you never knew them.

Does any of this fit your life? Take the quiz!

I opt for unwritten choice G: it’s only been twenty-four hours. Relax. Read a book and go to bed. If it’s been two days and still no word, give them a call. Worrying too much will make you go bald.

My thought process:

Maybe she’s busy
Or maybe I was pushy
worry solves nothing.
Which seems like a nice calm zen way of looking at it, except for the fact that some version of this replays in my head every few minutes.

…umm log off the internet, I keep getting a busy signal!!

Seriously, I’ve been there. It hasn’t been that long, but if it means that much to you, call them.

A/B, C, B, B.


It has now been five days. :frowning:

How did you know I was losing my hair?? You just creeped me out, badly! :0

I love haikus! :slight_smile:

Hurrah for the only person to take my quiz/survey so far!

Seriously, what is it with people not wanting to post to relationship threads? Hundreds of looky-loos, no responses! (The guy who started the “one-night stand” thread had a similar problem. And the teen with the Valentine’s Day problem only got 10 posts.)

It could not be that most members are happily married and therefore have nothing to say on the subject. It simply could not.

Well you said you wanted replies, so here is one from the ugly-bitter-guy-who-never-got-a-phone-number-in-his-life faction. Since most numbers are given to guys I will adress the situation from that view, but the inverse way is basically the same… The problem is that if a chick is willing to give her phone number to a guy, many other girls probably are too. The guy given the number will end up with many numbers, and call the one that seemed the most promising according to his particular ranking system.

wolfman, based on the OP, this doesn’t sound like a situation where the OPer gave his/her phone number to some girl/guy at a bar expecting him/her to call. It sounds to me as if a relationship of some sort was beginning (i.e. calls had already been exchanged at least once or twice).

tclouie, I’m sorry he/she never called back. Apparently it’s not “meant to be.” At least it ended early before you had a lot “invested” in the whole thing.

As to why questions like these don’t receive a lot of posts, my guess is (a) we don’t have the answers; and (b) since we can’t give you a solid answer, we clam up – you’re posting to a board who’s main goal is fighting ignorance. Matters of the heart don’t have clear right/wrong answers (unfortunately).

I hope you aren’t hurting too bad, and are able to move on in search of your soulmate. Best of luck!!