The 7th Guest 3 - Kickstarter

I adored both the 7th Guest and the 11th Hour back when they were new. My brother and I successfully played through both and enjoyed them a ton. I can’t believe it was 20 years ago the first one came out.

Anyway, they are kickstarting the third one and need to raise $435,000 to make it. I hope they can.

Anyone else have fond memories of the original games?

Loved the 7th Guest. Bought the 11th Hour but never got around to installing it. Hope the Kickstarter goes well, but I’ll have to give this a miss.

I wonder if 11th Hour will run under Windows 7 … I have a long ton of games I bought and never got around to playing.

11th Hour is $6 on steam right now and it will run just fine on Windows 7.

I was wondering why 7th Guest had suddenly turned up on Steam.

Was it not before?

Both games together are now $15 on Steam, by the way. No sale or anything, just the combo deal.

Not bad.

Nope. They just started carrying it about mid-October.

Cool. It’s the kind of game I can imagine getting a lot of demand. I wonder if it was difficult to modify it to run properly on Windows Vista and above. I had the original discs running on Windows XP at one point, but I had to do a lot of copying to the hard drive and manually editing of configs. And probably had to use a NOCD fix on the internet as well.

We just need the Tex Murphy games now. Those were a ton of fun.

Wow, talk about serendipity. I was just about to post these games as favorites and ask for recommendations on a new game to try. I love these types of games.