The airborne kitty!

Flying Kitty!!

I don’t see any threads on this here yet, so I thought I would put it up.

The video looks authentic enough to me, although I think the sound is dubbed somewhat. I’ll let it speak for itself.

Caution: Animal distress was probably involved in this, but it looks like it got away relatively unscathed.

What on earth?
What a weird video!
Where did you find that?

I think it’s fake. Other than being a commercial. If you slo-mo through it, it looks computer generated on takeoff. There is a point where the cat should hit the computer monitor with its hind paws but it doesn’t.

Two other things. Dispite the fact that the fan has a rather large cat on it, it never slows nor does it wobble. As off balanced as it would be, there would be serious wobble. Also if you watch the monitor carefuly, you can see reflections of the room, but never of the cat.

What particlewill said. Either that cat is filled with helium or it’s a very obvious visual effect, probably CGI.

I should show it to my son!

It is so grainy I didn’t get a good look at it. However, I doubt its a helium kitty, as it did look like it was “rolling” pretty realistically… but you’re right, that fan should have been very off balance! I’ll leave it to people with more experience than I to figure if its CGI. I thought the “commercial” aspect of it was added… I couldn’t imagine that being an actual commercial.

Either way, I laughed for about 20 hours straight because I keep thinking of it!

(Yes, I am easily amused!)

that is SICK. Poor computer-generated kitty!!

It’s a fake. After the kitty jumps up, anyway.

I really hope that this is fake! This is one of those things that make me laugh, and hate myself for finding it funny.

Oh man, there’s a stream of tears coming down my face and my sides are aching.

People are leaving my office crying they’re laughing so hard. This dang thing is going to get me in trouble.

The fact that the “real camera” pans back to show you the “nokia camera” is a dead giveaway that it was a set up and not a “crazy accident” à la America’s Funniest Home videos.

The “mouse on a string” looks like it’s about 35 degrees or so from being horizontal, that “flying cat” is a lot closer to horizontal than the mouse-toy was. Clearly, the opposite effect would be the case with the added weight of a 10 lb animal. Even if the cat really did catch the toy and was hanging by it’s paw, it would be almost straight up and down not swinging out sideways. (Unless the fan dramatically increased its speed and power – which it did not.)

Besides that my SO has a ceiling fan and if my at jumped up and caught a propeller, it would break.

Also telling, is that when the cat crashes and rolls down the wall which is indistinct and blurry, the moment he becomes clear and obviously a real cat and runs away corresponds to the edit cut of the telephone screen.

Particlewill actually, if you go frame by frame you can see some kid of shadow on the screen when the “CGI cat” is far right at the 11 sec. mark (with his hind paws offscreen). There is a blur that goes from the upper right corner of the TV set, moves and fades out. The problem is that the shadow is inconsistent – it appears in the same spot when the cat is far right and when the cat is far left.

Fake, but humourous fake.

Fake or not…

Funniest. Video. Ever.

The thud as the ‘cat’ hits the wall seems a bit too deep and resonant.
It is an outside wall, so it will not be hollow like internal cavity walls would be, the wall will be fairly solid so I can’t imagine such a drum like noise.

When did you ever see a cat just reach up like that without watching first for the opportune moment, mine always spend time watching bugs flying around before making thie usually futile attempts.

My son just saw this and is laughing uproariously!

For the sake of scientific integrity, the “flying cat” theory should be tested immediately. While I tend to believe those who call the video a fake, physical data should be gathered. Of course, for a true result, a “control cat” needs to be established, with multiple spinnings to ensure a consistent result. Then variations of the conditions should be tested…cats vs kittens, long-haired breeds vs short hairs, humidity and altitude levels…etc. For the sake of science, let the spinning begin!

And my wife says I’m twisted for laughing whenever cats get used for comedic purposes in movies (i.e. thrown out of closets).

Too funny! :smiley:

Man, I thought that was HILARIOUS!!!..

… Until I found out that it was faked. Then I felt cheated.


would have been better with a dog,now dogs are evil.cats are to nice and cute to have that done to them:D