The Alberto Watch Thread

Yay! A tropical storm! Finally…rain! My lawn is dying, the brush fires are burning, and the smell of smoke is in the air…must be hurricane season.

Business as normal here, but you know, just in case the Floridopers lose power or notice anything odd like flying cattle…check in here.

Link to tracking map that I think updates automatically.

Nother O-towner here. Rain…goood! Tornados…bad! Everybody on the dirty side, take care.

Gainesville Doper here. I’m looking forward to the rain and a break from the heat!

Tidewater Virginia checking in. The forecast for us is that MAYBE Cape Hatteras might get some rain, and we get some clouds.

The overall season forecast has us in the sights for July and August, for storms that form off Africa. Fortunately by the, I’ll have moved to my new place that is 50 miles inland from the Atlantic, and 20+ from the Albemarle Sound…

Latest update shows it’s very close to becoming a Hurricane 1.

Gulf County here. Looks like Alberto has reorganized. :eek:
We’re getting lots of wind and a tiny bit of rain.
This is my first hurricane season; we moved here from Colorado.
We have not yet bought a house, and are renting on the beach. The water has now reached past the walkovers.
We never intended to buy right on the water, but now inland is looking especially good.

Georgia here, and I sure wish we would get some rain. We are already -6 inches in rainfall this year. We need rain badly. I hope it doesn’t get rough on the Florida or other coastal Dopers, though. Right now the forecast has us down for a 30% chance of rain tonight and tomorrow morning. The last time we had a forecast for rain, it was an 80% chance and we got maybe 4 drops.

My asparagus plants are growing, even though they won’t produce until next year. The cucumbers have sprouted. I am wilting - I keep the plants watered but it’s just so hot! Only 87 today, better than the past few days.

I want to go to the lake but Mr. SCL had been working more than he should be - he’s only supposed to work 3 12 hour shifts a week, but the agency is having a hard time keeping nurses on this case because the patient is very hard to deal with. There is a very high demand for nurses in this area, and they aren’t going to put up with someone calling them names (often racist) on a job that requires 12 hour shifts and has no benefits. I understand the patient is frustrated at his condition, but someone needs to explain to him that he doesn’t have the luxury of pissing off the nurses whenever he gets grumpy, or he’s going to wind up in a nursing home again. Since the last time he was in a nursing home his caregivers dropped him on his face during a chair to bed transfer, that is understandably not something he wants to do.

Sorry about the mini-rant; I am very frustrated at the agency my husband works for. They fired the only local doctor on the case because he only had admitting priviledges at two of the three local hospitals. So now a quadripligic patient has no local doctor at all - the closest is about 2 hours away in Atlanta. Something about that bothers me. The insurance company is stalling on buying a generator for the apartment, even though the last time the power went out a night in the hospital cost over $1,600. It is hurricaine season, asshats, the power here will go out at least once this summer. It’s cheaper to get a generator.

I hope everyone has a great day. My next post will be more cheerful, I hope.

Really looking like Alberto will be come a cat. 1 according to the weather advisory I just heard. At least NOAA felt it important enough to post an announcement on the weather radio here at work just now. Take care all you Floridopers!

Oh, my dear, unless you’re a millionaire, don’t buy on the beach. You won’t be able to afford the insurance.

Cat 1 is the lowest. I’m not sure when high tide is, but hang on…it’ll be over a few hours.

Lots of wind, lots of rain. If you have anything outside, bring it in.

Cat 1 is nothing. Cat 3 is when we start getting bug-eyed.

Thanks, I am trying to remain calm, I moved some plants.
The hurricane season was my one big misgiving about moving here, though I do so love the ocean.
A neighbor was telling me stories of shoveling sand out of his livingroom.

That does happen, but in flood areas and on the coast. We’re inland, and we lost power and broke a trellis. That was about it.

At the moment, it is barely raining here with very little wind; I expect this will change pretty soon. A few minutes ago it was raining very hard with a stiff breeze blowing. I’ll be out in it tonight, taking medicine to various nursing homes.

Yeah, last year we went four or five straight days without power, and a lot of tree branches fell in our yard. It wasn’t much fun, but that’s the worst I’ve personally ever dealt with, and I’ve lived in Florida all my life. Take sensible precautions, of course. I hope this doesn’t sound too insensitive to those who have lost property or been otherwise hurt by the hurricanes, but I always enjoy the beauty of the storms.

In Tampa here. Watching the news. It doesn’t seem like we have much to worry about except for high tides.

Here’s hoping it floods the dog track, that way I don’t have to work tomorrow OR cross the bridges.

I do too. There’s something about the awesome power of nature that makes you feel very small, but in a good way.

And it was honest-to-gosh pleasant last year when the power was all out and it got nice and cool at night – you could put on a warm sweatshirt, go outside and actually see the Milky Way! *

  • Ignoring, of course, that part of our complex’s roof was in the pool & someone got a 2X4 through their windshield & two weeks of cold showers sucked majorly.

Yes, I respect Mother Nature, and have seen some hellacious snowstorms as well as thunderstorms in Denver, certainly there have been trees destroyed and power outages.
But we never had to evacuate. :wink:
Ah well, it’s an adventure I s’pose.
We’re about 100 yards from the beach.
Our house is on pilings, if high tide and full moon bring the water in.
Right now, the wind has calmed down quite a bit.

The NOAA map has it going right through us, eventually. We could really use the rain, but I’m worried about winds on my new arbor. Although better that it fail now than when the roses really start growing on it. Good luck to you Florida people, though - hopefully it’ll just be a little dust-up.

The sky’s about to open up here in Tallahassee. I’ve been watching for the rain all day and of course, it waits until I’m just about ready to head home for the day.