The Ballmer Ultimate TechnoHouseMonkey Remix

Now THAT’s funny.

Although I do say…I actually feel for the poor man. As PumpActionGerbil says, from now on we can pretty much count on him being the perfect mirror of Al Gore at his most Hal-like.


If being a billionaire does that to you, then I want to be a billionaire!

Wait, I wanted that anyway. :-/

[sub]I’m a developer BTW [/sub]

It’s no big change. Even on his best day, the man looks rather bestial. Every time I see him speak, I expect him to smash buildings and eat villagers.

Any minute now SPOOFE is going to come in and accuse us of being Microsoft-denigraters, but let’s face it–if he were a rabbi, would you let him circumcize your son? If he were a pilot, would you want him flying your plane? If he were a police officer would you want him to be involved in a strip search of you? Whoever he was working for, he would be frightening!

By the way, I have “”, “dancemonkeyboy.mpg” and “developers.mpg” saved to disk. Anyone know of any other Balmer vids? Blair Witch got nothing on these, boy!

dropmom: You should get a job at microsoft so you can live out here.

me: No, I don’t think so, mom.

If you enjoyed the Ballmerfunk video, be sure to pick up the Monkeyboy action figure:

I’m mesmerized by the sweat stains. I find myself trying not to smell him through the monitor.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I prefer a leader who wouldn’t be caught dead jumping around like an imbecile. Someone who would hire consultants to do the monkey-dance for him while he sipped bottled water and looked disinterested.

Can I shill the Microsoft Monkeyboy T-shirt? :smiley:

Arrrgh, got the URL wrong: get those Monkeyboy shirts here.