The Best Stripper Names Ever

I was bored at work yesterday and started asking coworkers what was 1)the name of the first pet they had and 2)the name of the street they grew up on. From this I formed their stripper names.

My own is Pepper Nitz- kind of creepy considering nits are baby lice.

But my co-workers, oh what glamorous and fanciful names they have! There’s Queenie Quality Hill, Maneater Stanley, and Lurch McKinley! You know you’d pay a LOT to see them shake their thangs and take it all off.

What’s your stripper name?

I always thought mine was the best.

Joker Pearkes

(pronounced perks)

I got two dogs at once, so I guess I’d be Sugar & Spice Lacklund. Even using just one of their names, it sucks.

Peace - DESK

Casey Bates

[sub]You are right to be jealous[/sub]:smiley:

Charlie Kendale. I know…it’s awesome.

Somehow Achmed S.E. 20th lacks a certain something.

I don’t know, I think it has a certain something!

I just realized, my youngest son’s stripper name is Snuggles Dodge. :cool:

Goliath Crane, here.
Sweeeeeeeeet :slight_smile:

Smiles Jennings!

Chief Brookwood sounds rather er, ethnic…
Reebok Idlewild just sounds insane.

My sister had a parrot at one point: how about Ginger Two Ponds Road?


Tippi Hystone. Too bad I’m a guy.

Max Viscount.

More porn star than stripper, I think

Pud Leighton.
Um. Yeah…

Frisky St. Theresa?

Squeak Graham, ladies and gentlemen.

Brownie Island.
Sounds sorta scatological. :dubious:

Kiowa Harding. I kinda like the Harding part.

Doc South Main

Sugar Upson? Eh. So-so.

Mica Oneonta

Nope, not happening.