The Big Bang Theory, April 24, 2014 -- "The Anything Can Happen Recurrence"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

read article today, don’t have cite handy.

show renewed for three more seasons. actors don’t have contracts. rest of season will have lots of shake ups in plots.

Tonight’s episode was number 21. There’s not much time for lots of plot shake ups in this season.

In other news, Raj and Emily are on another date. And there’s a bit of a rebellion taking place. And I’m becoming more and more curious about Serial Apeist II.

Random pairings. Bernie and Amy, Penny and Sheldon, etc. With seven principal actors, that’s 21 episodes right there. Then roll in the minor characters and throw in some triads, this thing could go another five seasons.

I was hoping it would turn out that Penny told the “psychic” what to say. Maybe that will be a plot point later in the series.

Sure, there’s plenty of potential for another 3 or even 5 seasons, but my point was there’s only 3 episodes left for this season.

I actually liked tonight’s episode. It moved quickly from scene to scene (avoiding getting bogged down, as many episodes this season have done) and while the characters are still being mean to each other, it seemed a bit more good-natured this time around somehow.

I’m also hoping we get to see “actual” footage from Serial Apeist II at some point.

Maybe, except Penny seemed to be pissed at Leonard far more than he deserved (if he deserved it at all). Bernadette lied to her (and Amy to Sheldon) but Leonard was still hanging out with (and putting up with) both of them. The only thing he did “wrong” was to silently agree that they’d been complaining too much recently. For that they ditch him?

And if you had to choose one woman from this episode to see in the Catholic schoolgirl outfit…

For me, we saw her in the last scene. :smiley:

Second choice would be Emily.

i’ve noticed that howard’s wardrobe has toned down a bit since his visit to texas. he still has a lot of colour but it is not as glaring.

i like emily and i’m wondering where they are going with her.

next week’s may the fourth should be fun.

I found Amy’s observations about Sheldon and Penny to be interesting. For being so very different, the two of them seem to have some of the best interactions on the show. He took her to the ER, she gave him acting lessons, they worked together on Penny Blossoms, he loaned her money when she was in financial trouble, and now they had a “date”. I think it works.

I also liked Howard and Amy together for the scavenger hunt - another good pairing.

Leonard and Penny together got boring long ago - I don’t care about them as a couple.

And I agree that we need to see some previews of Serial Apeist!

I think it would have been a hoot to have a final scene where the four couples go out on the town and all the girls, Emily, Amy, Penny, and Bernadette are in Catholic school girl outfits. Really disappointed that we didn’t see Bernadette in hers.

Okay episode, not really any laugh out loud moments. You could see the bit coming where Sheldon erases Leonard’s choice from the whiteboard a mile away.

Last week’s episode had Emily making a funny but vaguely creepy comment about why she was a dermatologist – that all the other jobs that let her cut people’s skin were illegal, or something. I thought it was a one-off joke. This week’s emphasis of that trait with her love of the slasher scene movie makes me rethink that. They’re setting up Emily to be twisted in some creepy way.

Emily and Raj are not destined for a long term relationship. As soon as his parents find out, he will be cut off financially.

Looking for Sheldon and Amy to break it off - that one isn’t headed anywhere. The psychic told him to shit or get off the pot, so he may be thinking that way.

Also looking for Howard and Raj to realize their one true love is each other.

Did Penny borrow one of Howard’s Mom’s shirts? What the hell.

I thought it was a good episode character-wise, but not really a laugh-out-loud kinda thing. I’m not sure where they’re going with Emily. If she does turn out to be this dark, rather twisted creature, she’s not going to work within the group at all; everyone’s just going to be freaked out by her. So I don’t see her lasting long unless we start seeing different sides to her. Dammit, I still miss Lucy.

I like the idea of Serial Apeist II continuing to drive the plots. Maybe it becomes a minor cult hit and Amy gets invited to a panel at Comic Con and Leonard and Sheldon shit themselves with envy. Maybe Penny starts getting offered a whole bunch of cheesy scream-queen roles. Or maybe she gets a part on a major network show and becomes terrified that someone might actually see her in Serial Apeist II. Yeah, looking forward to this.

Some people just have a sense of humor like that and some just love horror movies. If it goes anywhere it’ll go to a place where everyone thinks she’s a mass murderer and it just turns out to be a D&D thing or something.

It’s more than that. Emily says it actually turns her on.

She won’t last long. Lucy will be back.

they might have Raj have a Emily, Lucy and other competition/choice theme in a few episodes to change things up in future seasons.