The Big Bang Theory, Season 10, Episode 7 (November 3, 2016) -- "The Veracity Elasticity"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

Another very funny episode.

The whole Klingon and Amy’s Language.
“You’re up blabby”
“Where’s Batman?”
“Can it be more of an internal struggle?”

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The Klingon stuff was definitely the highlight for me. This show is at its best when it revels in the geekiness.

I was really surprised that Penny could speak Amy’s made up language.

I forgot what she called it, but back in college a friend of mine had a 'made up language that she and her sister would speak. She rattled off a few lines and from what I remember it sounded similar to that. Lots of ‘b’ sounds and doubling up on first letters.
It could be totally different or they could both have been the same thing (or based on the same thing).

Best episode in I don’t know how long. Fun with Flags, the house band, comical deceit, speaking in tongues, Penny in a sex dungeon, this is what the show used to be like. The girl’s language sounds like something from a kids show way back when.

Amy and Penny were doing Ubbi Dubbi.

And uuuuuuugh. Penny was such a bitch in this one. ‘How dare you get upset because I was unilaterally getting rid of your stuff?’ (The collectables around the apartment should be talked about, and his goddamned key-chain should be off-limits.)

Yeah, from Zoom! I don’t remember who used to watch that, it was well before I had kids. Maybe my BIL would watch the repeats.

This one didn’t really do it for me. YMMV. Although we’ve seen Amy lie before (when she pretended she was still sick so Sheldon would continue to take care of her) to spend more time with Sheldon.

Raj saying something like, “I’m not involved in this,” and then going to grab dinner while everyone was fighting over who told what when they shouldn’t have just highlighted for me that he seems to be drifting out of the group. They better figure out a way to rein him back in.

Still, nice to see Sheldon continuing to evolve.

When I was a kid, we used to speak eezengleezish, which morphed into ogenglogish. It doesn’t take long to get really proficient with it. What I don’t understand is why the guys didn’t decipher it immediately.

And Leonard in the dungeon was the only time he’s ever been hot.

Leonard was in the dungeon? I didn’t even notice that.

Amy’s one smart cookie. She knows that to divert Sheldon’s attention towards her, she should resort to an intellectual argument. Works like a charm.

Great episode! I laughed out loud when Howard supplied Sheldon with the rimshot during “Fun With Flags.”

As for the language issue, I recognized what the ladies were speaking as Ubbi Dubbi. I never understood it, so I was glad that they had subtitles.

Ubbi Dubbi is an example of what’s called a language game:

Generally, with the most useful of the language games, it only takes an hour or so to get good at speaking and understanding it. At that point, you can speak fast enough that no one who hasn’t heard it before will understand it. The problem is that when they figure out what you’re doing, they will only take an hour or so to get good at it themselves.

Ubbi Dubbi is from Zoom. Man, my 7 year old self loooved Zoom.

ETA: Hey, now that I think of it, you know what else is from Zoom? Remember when Raj and Sheldon were fighting over work and Raj told Sheldon he didn’t know everything and did that finger trick? I learned how to do that finger trick waaaaay back when, from Zoom.

I learned it watching Laurel and Hardy back around 1969. That and Kneesie-Earsie-Nosey. :cool:

Do they have new writers? That was really funny.

Oh … there was someone else with him?

How would Sheldon even know enough about sex dungeons to dream about them? Though the scene was great.

And I loved the fun with flags musical number.

Maybe it’s something his mother warned him about before he moved to the big city–although now that I think about it, that sounds more like the kind of warning Amy’s mother would have issued. She seems much more skittish about sex than Mary Cooper does.

I loved the use of Ubbi dubbi–which they actually named, so there’s no doubt that’s what they were speaking. I also remember it from Zoom, although apparently that show didn’t invent it. The language Amy had “made up” (she really didn’t) was the rather similar Oppish, where you add the syllable “op” after each consonant.

Amy seems to have a fascination with languages. In addition to Oppish, and teaching Penny Ubbi dubbi (I’d love to know the circumstances behind that), there was also an episode where she invented that language that has two different words for “spoon”–planko and janko (spelled with a silent ptang).