The Big Bang Theory, Season 12, Episode 6 (October 25, 2018) -- "The Imitation Perturbation"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

I really liked this episode. Howard and Amy both nailed the impersonations of Sheldon and Bernie.

Just finished the episode a few minutes ago. I enjoyed it; however, I still don’t like Anu. She didn’t have much to do in this episode so she didn’t have much chance to change–or reinforce–my opinion of the character.

I liked this ep so much that I watched it twice. Howard and Amy totally stole their scenes. And I don’t like Anu either.

Who was Amy supposed to be, the first time? I’m guessing Susan B. Anthony.

Amy was Clara Clayton, Doc Brown’s eventual wife in Back To the Future III.

We found this to be a mildly amusing episode, except for Anu and the Stuart regression back to creepy. And what’s up with Penny’s costume? Everybody else gets something special but she wears Generic Sexy German Barmaid Outfit #2? A total waste and cop-out.

Howard was hilarious impersonating Sheldon. Quite an entertaining episode!

Half the fun was that Sheldon didn’t get it.

I thought this episode was hysterical. I loved Amy’s Clara Clayton outfit. Very much in line with her Little House on the Prairie love.

I wish Stuart had brought Denise to the party.

Sheldon being upset about the impersonation and demanding an apology is consistent with his character. I don’t know if it’s due to insecurity or his lack of social skills, but he’s never learned to laugh at himself.

I’m not sure what they’re trying to do with Anu. I’m still holding out hope for a Missy/Raj connection.

“Let the wookiee win?”

“Hey, we’re talking about my wife here! (whisper) And yes, let the wookiee win.”

Actually, I rather liked Anu in this episode. I thought her costume was cute, I liked the “Bill of tights” joke, and I liked her coming to Raj’s defense with “Free speech!” while spinning around to try to point to the First Amendment on her costume. It was the first episode I’ve seen where she and Raj felt like a genuine couple who actually enjoy spending time together.

Shame not to see Denise at the party, but I guess the scene was crowded enough already. I take it we’re supposed to assume that the air-headed golddigger that Burt hooked up with is out of the picture now?

I would very much like to see Amy as Bernadette again.

Anu was perfectly adequate in this episode. Recall, it took a long time for the producers to define Bernadette’s personality.

She didn’t even have the squeaky voice at the beginning.

That’s right. She played an airhead at the start.

? She was a microbiology PhD student when they first met. True, she wasn’t interested in any of the things Howard was, like science fiction, RPGs & computers, but that doesn’t make her an airhead.

Yeah. She was very reserved at first, but that’s not abnormal behavior on a blind date that you were talked into going on.

Her voice goes high naturally a couple of times so its not a complete affectation like Megan Mullally’s Karen on Will and Grace. Did Bernadette’s mother disappear entirely after that episode? I only remember her father. In fact, I thought her mother was dead.

This episode and the last have been by far the two funniest of the season. The impersonations were terrific. Maybe too terrific. How did Howard get Sheldon’s eidetic memory for etymology just by putting on a wig? Where did he and the others get their pro-level wigs from in the first place? (Yeah, I know, from the same place they got their running a university jokes.)

Bernadette’s mom has been mentioned periodically in later episodes as a living person ( Bernadette’s alleged large number of younger siblings have been notably absent, though.

Howard just memorized the etymology of a few common words (that he’s probably heard Sheldon discuss, anyway). I figured Howard’s wig was from a Galaxy Question costume (it does look like Thermian hair, doesn’t it?).

I’m talking about “sliding into ninth base” and such. Not that she wasn’t smart, but she was naive at the beginning.

Bernadette’s mother shows up in one episode that I can remember–when she talked Howard and Bernadette’s father into going on a fishing trip together, which neither of them really wanted to do. They bond over the fact that both of them are intimidated by their wives.

OK. There’s a huge imbalance between her mother’s and father’s appearances, though. That’s been a consistent and odd element in the series since the beginning. Howard’s father is missing. Sheldon’s father is dead. (Though who knows, considering the way they’re rewriting his history.) Raj has both parents but we usually only see his dad. Same with Penny and Bernadatte. Until the end of last season we only saw Amy’s mother. Same with Leonard.

I think that at the beginning the idea behind the show was to create a family of friends that worked and lasted even though their actual families were fractured and dysfunctional. (Friends had the same background thread, thinking about it.) By the end of this season we’ll presumably see all five of the original cast married. (Maybe six if you include Stuart.) Only on television do you see multiple married couples starting out as friends continue to hang out only with one another and not with other outside couples. The show is already so crowded that some of the characters have to be slighted because there’s no time to give all of them a full plotline. It’s bursting at the seams. Despite the two good episodes the last two weeks it’s hurting and it’s time to put it down.