The Big Bang Theory, Season 12, Episode 8 (November 8, 2018) -- "The Consummation Deviation"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

The actress who plays Anu has an odd face. It looks like her jaw is wider than her skull line. I did like her last hint to Raj in the morning, “Come take a shower!”

I got quite the giggle of Howard trying to teach Teller how to do magic tricks. This episode wasn’t quite as funny as last week, but it was still rather good.

Let me be the first to say: Anu does not bother me in the least. She does have some, as my husband proclaimed, dick-smacking lips. My husband is a crude, crude man. I laughed. She must be desperate to get married because Raj continues to be a jerk.

Penny and Leonard continue to shock me by remaining married.

Amy continues to not shock me by how much abuse she’ll take from Sheldon.

I loved Teller doing the knife trick at the end.

Teller was the best part of the episode! The rest of it was a bit “meh”…

The whole Teller-is-amazed-by-simple-magic-tricks bit was kind of predictable, but done well for what it was. I’m a little surprised by how much we’ve heard Teller speak this season. I knew that he was willing to speak in public when he’s not actually performing magic, and has done so in the past, but it’s usually been in interviews or documentaries of various sorts. This may be the most high-profile gig he’s ever had where he talks.

I actually found the conversation between Raj and Anu in the hotel room kind of sweet. It would be embarrassing to admit that you were so socially anxious that you couldn’t even talk to women. And since he thought it was behind him, I can understand his never having mentioned it before, until it became unavoidable. I thought there was a nice naturalness to the way Kunal Nayyar played that scene.

A bit of ret-conning in Leonard thinking his first time with Penny was totally amazing, and not knowing Penny didn’t feel the same way. As I recall, they both felt awkward about if afterward, and Leonard somewhat sheepishly described it as “just fine.”

I’m still annoyed that they still eat dinner around the coffee table. (This time they even put a tablecloth on it.) Most of them are sitting on the sofa or the armchairs while a few are sitting on the floor eating.

What happened to that dining room table they bought a few seasons ago?

They got rid of it. Everybody felt sorry for Sheldon eating alone at the coffee table. Which of course makes no sense at all now that he’s moved out.

I think the creators see it as a symbol for the show, seeing as it’s an updated part of the title sequence each year.

I loved seeing Howard teach simple magic tricks to Teller, and of course the knife trick.

And I think what I dislike about Anu is her pear-shaped head… especially the gargantuan mouth.

I don’t care for the bonding between Sheldon and Amy’s mother. It seemed forced.

And of course, normal people who weren’t worried about camera angles would have solved the floor issue by bringing 2 chairs from Sheldon & Amy’s apartment.

I really liked this episode. Teller was the best thing about it, but I also enjoyed Sheldon’s interaction with Amy’s mother.

And I thought the Raj/Anu scenes were sweet. Raj’s selective mutism went on far too long, and I was glad when they finally abandoned it. But somehow the callback was laugh-out-loud funny. And after a moment of Raj being Raj (“But the truth makes me look bad!”), there seemed to actually be a genuine human connection between the characters.

I didn’t really buy Leonard, after all these years, still being insecure about his first time with Penny.

But he wasn’t insecure until Penny told him “Don’t beat yourself up, it’s great now.” Up until that point, he thought he was awesome.

I can’t believe the irony of teaching Teller magic tricks didn’t even occur to me until someone mentioned it here.

This was the first time i realized Teller was in the show and Howard teaching him magic was very funny.

However I lost interest in the show a couple of seasons back. I found some episodes sans laughtrack and realized the show was really very racist, demeaning and unfunny.

Sheldon has gone from being a funny and sympathetic character to being a boring a***** and the trope of nerd gets the beauty has run out of steam.

This is true only if you didn’t see or remember the episode when they had sex for the first time.Neither of them thought it was great.

I don’t dislike Anu as much as I did. And Raj looked kind of hot in a nice suit, lounging in a beautiful bed.

I liked Howard and Teller as well. I hope Teller features frequently in the episodes we have remaining.

But that’s my point - he’s managed to convince himself that it was awesome. And relives it in his mind whenever he has a free minute. He wasn’t still insecure about it after all these years, as Wheelz stated, until Penny told him it wasn’t great.


Yes, indeed he is. But there is no need to bring his crudeness in on this message board. Refrain from this sort of comment.