The Big Bang Theory, Season 8, Episode 12 (January 8, 2015) -- "The Space Probe Disintegration"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

Would like to have seen Leonard with the fez and bow tie

My God… Sheldon showed some awareness of how difficult he can be at times.

I’m actually pretty stunned by that. :slight_smile:

Guess the writers forgot about “The Tall Man from Cornwall

There was a tall man from Cornwall
Whose length exceeded his bed
My body fits on it
but barely upon it
There is no room for my Cornish Head

Now typing that back…it fits the meter of a limerick, but why doesn’t the last word of the first line rhyme with the last words of Line 2 and Line 5?


Not really a limerick, innit?
I’ll explain if you’ve got just a minute.
The rhyme scheme don’t say
So it’s best if you just be forgettin’ it.

Jim Parson’s toupee was obvious in this episode. They ought to hire the firm that did Sinatra’s hairpieces - those were good wigs.

Has Simon Helberg had a nose job? It looks like he’s had the bump shaved down.

I did not notice any of the above. I did notice Bernadette lost some weight. You could see it in her face. But she never stood up se we can get a load, if you know what I mean.

The new, improved Penny doesn’t dress like a whore any more, I see. Still, nice fan service there.

Does anyone know the name and location of the Hindu temple? That is a beautiful building.

I don’t, but was impressed by it, as well! I would have enjoyed an inside view.

Would the TBBT producers have had to pay a fee to the temple for including the exterior shot?

Based on a Google search, it might be the Malibu Hindu Temple. And I think that was the first serious acknowledgment of Raj’s religion.

I nodded off right around the time Raj threw the water bottle in the trashcan, and woke up just in time to see Penny in her nightgown. Is it worth a rewatch?

I doubt they’d have paid a fee for an exterior shot. However, I’m sure the folks at the temple would have been willing to accept a donation that the producers offered them. They might even have been willing to suggest how much of a donation might be appropriate.

Yes, it’s a subtle difference, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a difference. :rolleyes:

No, it was missable. Most of the season, frankly, has been missable. I think the only ep so far that’s worth re-watching is the one with Billy Bob Thornton. :frowning:

He’s mentioned various deities from the pantheon in previous episodes. I think that Sheldon corrected him at one point about his religion, which prompted some (justifiable) anger on Raj’s part. Details are fuzzy, though…

I fully agree.

Very disappointing. I’m not sure if they are taking this approach because they know this is the last season and are trying to wrap things up.

But this show is just no longer very funny or interesting.

Damn I haven’t seen the show yet. How nice is the nightie?

Didn’t they just sign the cast for three more seasons?

I think it’s two more after this one.

The dress she tries on in the department store changing room is sexier than the nightie.