The Big Bang Theory, Season 9, Episode 17 (February 25, 2016) -- "The Celebration Experimentation"

I took a cursory glance through the “Cafe Society” messages, and did not see a thread for this episode. So, here we go – what did everyone think of last night’s episode?

Poor Stuart!! :frowning: Adam West was pretty funny, tho.

I’ve always thought a Penny/Sheldon pairing would have made for some good storylines - I want to see a Big Bang Theory Alternate Universe episode or two! Penny/Leonard is just boring.

I was amazed that they went on to plan and host a birthday party for a person who was being such a pain in the ass about participating in the planning of it. Personally, I would not have gone to the trouble.

Also what purpose did Adam West serve? Sheldon didn’t seem to understand or appreciate why they went to the trouble of getting him there.

I am glad they are humanizing Sheldon some. He had become so terrible that he was not funny anymore. This is a good course correction but still has some more to go.

Seeing Wil Wheaten, Leonard’s Mom, and Leslie Winkle (she hasn’t been on the show since, what, season 2?) again made me figure this was some kind of milestone episode. Turns out it was their 200th.

Not a very good episode IMHO. They brought back Leslie and Leonard’s mom, added Adam West, and came up with very little.

Getting laid will do that to a guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall a pretty meh episode. Christine Baranski was totally wasted, as were Wil Weaton and Adam West. And where was Sheldon’s mother? She’s been shown to fly out to Pasadena on a moment’s notice before. She couldn’t be there for her son’s birthday party?

The only redeeming part of the whole episode was the interaction with Adam in the car and the interplay between Penny and Sheldon in the bathroom. And even that was a repeat of the same scene on HIMYM between Barney and Robin. The writers should have let Penny’s reply to “I don’t want people to think I’m weird” just have been the look, which Kaley pulled off perfectly. But they had to ruin the moment by over-writing it.

Babies are shark-bait, even when they aren’t part of the episode, I tell ya!

Great to see Adam West, but damned if he didn’t act exactly like Professor Proton. I was surprised to see Sheldon so unimpressed that he was there, he practically creamed his pants at getting a bit of Leonard Nimoy’s saliva.

Stuart is getting to be a tired running gag. Time for him to step in front of a bus or something.

The Penny and Sheldon in the bathroom scene was great. Their pairings are the best parts of the show.

There were so many guest performers - Adam West, Sara Gilbert, Kevin Sussman, Will Wheaton, John Woss Bowie, Christine Baransky and Stephen Hawking - that I kept wondering, with the three principal stars of the show raking in $1m per episode, how the production company could afford the cast.

I see what you did there.:smiley:

So Sheldon gets panic attacks now? I really thought they’d make something more of that. Of course, BBT episodes are so truncated now they can’t make much out of anything. And yeah, why bring in Adam West and then not give his presence any kind of emotional payoff?

It was great to see Leslie Winkle though. And while I’m not a huge Kripke fan, it was kind of funny he was hitting on Leonard’s mom and evidently getting somewhere.

I really wish that they had given Mr. West more lines! And I was disappointed that Sheldon seemed so unimpressed with an iconic “Batman” being at his party. Still, I got a few hearty laughs out of this episode.

They handled Adam West well. Really, they always handle the guest stars very well.

What they need to do is just have guest stars in every episode and get rid of most of the regular cast. Maybe even all of them. Just have the guest stars interact with one another! That’s a show we could all love.

There appears to be a very vocal and prolific contingent on Tumblr and who insist on this; I must have a blind spot to it.

She was at Missy’s party, obv.

I’m not usually one to snipe about this show; I enjoy it a lot.

Having said that, last week’s show (Bernie’s pregnancy reveal) and this week’s (Sheldon’s party) seemed to exhibit a fairly lazy writing approach. Last week, we were treated to several minutes of karaoke by the characters; this week, we had several minutes of toasts to Sheldon. Neither approach requires the level of sophistication in the writing that I’ve come to expect on a routine basis.

It’s almost like having a clip show without the clips.

They’re having a baby, a clear sign the best days of this show are behind us. That doesn’t leave much motivation for the writers, or much time since they’re busy trying to line up the next gig. But there’s still potential for good entertainment, with the end in sight they’ll have more freedom to try things like the alternate universes mentioned above.

The purpose was that when Sheldon was a kid he had a party with some other kids and they told him Batman was coming so he got all excited but Batman never showed up. So the guys decided to get West to come to the Party as a way to make up for that.

The episode wasn’t that good. It had it’s moments like the bathroom scene. I rewound and rewatched it a couple of times.

Kripke hitting on Leonards mom was funny. It was hard to tell but is he going grey? I couldn’t tell if it was or if it was just the lighting.

The salutes to Sheldon was dumb. It was just Sheldon saying, “Tell me how awesome I am.” which is always dumb.

I honestly don’t think Leslie would have been there. I’m guessing Gilbert had some free time from and called up the show and said, “Hey I got some free time do you want to write me into an episode.” and Chuck Lorre was like, “Sure, I guess.”

The Adam West stuff reminded me of Adam West on Family Guy:

“I didn’t need sculpted muscles or nipples. That was pure West”

When your desperate, have penny falling out of a short dress and brush her hair with a leaf blower.
Then, dredge up some people from the past, have Adam West trying to suck the last dollar he can out of the Batman thing and bash stewart a few times.
This show was good. . . once, it’s going down hill fast.

Her boobs seemed uneven in that dress. The right one looked lower than the left one. Never a good look.

I imagine they wanted to do something special for a 200th episode yet avoid the cliche clip show. So, that could explain bringing back Gilbert and I guess the other recurring characters.

Oh, Kripke is going grey.

One should remember that there’s a special bond between Sara Gilbert, Johnnie Galecki, Chuck Lorre, and Laurie Metcalf. They’re all survivors of working on “Roseanne”. They probably have stories to tell, but they’re too professional to talk about them with anyone who wasn’t there. Sort of like veterans talking about their experiences to folks who hadn’t “been there”.