The "Billionaire Boy's Club"-True?

I remember seeing this made for TV movie years ago. The plot concerned a bunch of rich kids in Beverly Hills-who got togther (under a leader), and decided to become billionaires.
As I recall, they developed some kind of machine that was supposed to concentrate mineral ores-did this thing actually work? Or was it a scam?
I also recall that the group came to grief, when they kidnapped one of the group’s fathers (the plan was to hold the old man for ransom).
unfortunately, the guy died, and the kids were caught and prosecuted for murder.
Are these men out of jail now?

Wiki says no, not all: Billionaire Boys Club - Wikipedia

Weird that you would post this. I was just thinking about this mini-series last night for the first time in years and years.

I remember pretty much nothing about the movie except liking it.