The Brown Bunny is Back! AKA how to get a name actress to fellate you for "art"

Playboy Bunny -Vincent Gallo proves he just wants to be loved.

Hm. Worth thinking about.

However, if I were making a movie solely to get a name actress to fellate me, I think I’d like it to be a better movie, so that perhaps next time, I could get a bigger budget and, like, get more name actresses to fellate me, perhaps in twos and threes.

As it is, he’s going to have a tough time deciding whether to buy film stock or pay for the oral sex…

Film stock? With the money he would save by going digital, he could afford to pay Drew Berrymore and Parker Posey to get on the bus and go to work downtown.

I’m writing a script now where I have a very sociologically meaningful three-way with Beyonce Knowles and Monica Bellucci. It makes a very important statement about multiculturalism.

Buffalo 66 was on cable a while back. I tried to watch it a couple of times because I like Christina Ricci. But it was so fucking dull. And Brown Bunny is worse?

I’ll stick with good, honest porn thankyewverymuch, though Chloe Sevigny is so fucking fuckable …

So, it was an actual real blowjob? His penis actually entered her mouth, and she actually fellated him to climax? Or was it just a movie simulated bj, in which case who cares?

From what I understand, it’s a totally real BJ, which is what got the controversy about this movie going in the first place.

I see a shitload of scripts coming Chloё Sevigny’s way, that will share a common theme… From a lot of directors you also act.

I also see directers who never acted before giving it a shot, and sending her scripts… “I had you in mind when I wrote this character, Chloё!” “Wow, I’m, honored Mr. Spielberg!”

I think that Steven Spielburg can get away with hard-core pornography on free TV, if the movie is important enough.

Friday’s L.A. Times has a small ad for this, and it has a very short positive quote from Roger Ebert.

HOW can they do that? Ebert absolutely slammed the movie at Cannes. Does anyone know if it’s like the old jokes about removing words until you get what you want from the review?

Now that Gallo has recut it, Ebert has revised his opinion of the movie; he now recommends it.

There was an article in Empire after Cannes stating that a prop penis from a previous film Gallo had been in went ‘missing’ after he’d finished working on it. I haven’t seen the Brown Bunny, so i’m going on that for the time being.

Wasn’t Chloe Sevigny going out with him at the time?

I don’t think she’s very pretty, actually. If you’re going to have a ‘name’ actress (whatever that really means) can’t you have someone amazingly amazingly hot, instead of someone kind of ordinary? That’s what I’d do.

In any case, I can’t see why they had to have a real bj shown anyway. Can’t they have faked it or implied it without showing it? I mean, I work in porn, but that’s where it’s supposed to happen - not in a relatively mainstream movie. You start blurring the edges like that, and I’ll be out of a job.

Man, you don’t even care about Art, you’re just protecting your job.

I agree Sevigny isn’t all that hot-looking, there’s just something about the way she carries herself … I just see her and I want to mount her. There are a lot of women who are much more physically attractive by most standards for whom I don’t have this reaction.

It’s a puzzler, alrighty.


Um, maybe I just don’t watch enough movies, but since when is Chloe Sevigny a “name actress”? I had never heard of her before this film, I didn’t remember her name before entering this thread (although I knew there was some actress in Brown Bunny who gives the director a blow job) and I probably won’t remember her name five minutes after posting here. What the heck am I supposed to know her from?

Hmm . . . I just glanced at her IMDB profile, and the only movies I saw on there whose names I recognized are American Psycho and Boys Don’t Cry. Neither of which I actually saw.

Seriously, is she really considered that famous?

Hey man she’s da bomb! She was in “Gummo”!

Well, she is quite well-known as an Independent film mainstay, and she has an Academy Award nomination on her CV, which not everyone can say. Though she may not be a household name, she’s certainly not obscure by any stretch of the imagination.

I take it all back. How could I overlook the fact that she’s in Gummo?!?!?!?!?!

Seriously, though, I didn’t know she was nominated for an Oscar . . . that’s not too shabby. I mean, I’ll probably never get an Oscar nomination (although, in fairness, I’m not an actor or otherwise a member of the movie industry, so that kinda hurts my chances). Maybe she’s not a household name, but not a nobody either.

For those asking if it’s a ‘real’ blowjob or not google it and you’ll get some pics.

Spoiler for graphic description

Looks like she put the tip in and rubed it around her mouth a little this part looks as real as can be. As for fully in her mouth the angle is bad so it looks faked for that part.