The California Governor poll -- who's your favorite candidate?

We don’t know yet who thay all are, but it’s time to start looking at the ones we can identify.

My favorite candidate so far is Michael Wosniak, who has pledged ti the centerpiece of his effort will be legalizing ownership of ferrets as pets. Ferret Herder must be alerted!

My rational side says Ariana Huffington, but deep down, I really favor Gary Coleman.

Gary Coleman.

Yeah, so far, Gary Coleman. I heard he wanted to get rid of the busses in CA because they take up too much room on the roadways. Now, there’s a deep thinking candidate for ya ::dubious::

Hey, cool my dubios has dreads ::dubious::

<<< easily amused

Well, my favorite “candidate” is NO on the recall. Choosing a replacement candidate, I like Huffington the most, but would vote for Bustamante as he is more electable.

zuma: Which Huffington do you support? I thought both of them were running.

My favorite would be Richard Riordan, but I guess he’s not running. :frowning:

I’m glad Diane Finestein didn’t file- she nearly a Republican.
I was hoping Mayors Jerry Brown or Willie Brown would jump in to save the Dems.
I can’t stand Lt. Gov. Bustamenti - think he’s an opportunist.

So I’m voting Green Party.

Bustamante, because by my lights he SHOULD be Governor. He’s the looey–stepping into the position is his right in the state Constitution, although obviously the Supremes don’t agree with me.

Man with Two Brains, Mayor Brown is on FACE THE NATION right now! He thinks the whole recall is ridiculous and he’s much more intellectual than I thought he was (the whole laid-back, Sweetness thing).

Sorry for the serial post, but it’s 10:45 here and I don’t know where you are.

Mike dropped out of the race.

Some new names coming out give me a new favorite candidate:

Don Novello, aka Father Guido Sarducci, aka Lazlo Toth.

Gonna be hard to beat him for entertainment value.

Larry Flynt all the way! How can you go wrong with “a smut peddler who cares”?


Whoops, linkity link. And correct spelling.


Oddly enough I really like Gary Coleman’s platform as well. (I think he wants to replace the busses with light rail, actually.)

But I was not aware Don Novello was running!

I also think the recall is pathetic, but I’m going to do my homework and vote for who I think would be the best person for the job. I hope everyone does the same and doesn’t just vote for Schwartzenegger because it’s the only name they recognise. (This is not to say that he might in fact be the best person for the job, but I’d be very surprised if that turned out to be the case.)

That having been said, I’d take the fetid Gallagher over Bill Simon any day. Does he seriously think his only stumbling block to being elected was Gray Davis? LOL! He lost to Gray Davis by making Gray Davis look GOOD!

Right now I’m rooting for the 100-year-old lady. She was mentioned in the LA Times this morning; they even had a picture of her talking to one of her worthy opponents, the porn star. (I am not making this up.) I don’t know what her platform is, but


My inclination is “no recall” for this charade. :rolleyes:

You don’t like opportunists but you’d vote for Willie Brown?!?!? :rolleyes:

I gotta go with Bustamante because I think he’s most entitled and most electable. But it’d be fun to see Arianna, Gary, or Larry in office.

Yes, but after you vote “no” on the recall, then you get to vote for the replacement in case you’re outnumbered. (It’s a two part ballot.) There is a chance Gray Davis WON’T be recalled at all, but if he is you better know who you want to replace him then and there.