The Chip Kelly Experiment

Am I the only one who is a little bummed that the Chip Kelly experiment in Philly bombed?

I think the NFL could have used an evolution of its game and the kind of uptempo, razzle dazzle game that Kelly produced on the college level might have edged the NFL game along in a new direction. With the Kelly experiment over, I’m left wondering if any other team will risk an attempt to introduce any new approach to a game that has become rather predictable and boring?


Kelly’s “new approach” was doomed to fail:

[li]The man insisted on running practice at full game speed, and didn’t correct anything while on the field. [/li]
[li]His offensive playbook is extremely simple, exceedingly predictable, and incredibly easy to stop once they didn’t have Vick, McCoy, DJax, and Maclin running it.[/li]
[li]He thought he could plug anyone in anywhere and still succeed because he believes his system and running it perfectly is more important than talent.[/li]
[li]The defense was mostly ignored, despite the fact they were the unit on the field most of the game because Kelly doesn’t believe time of possession is important.[/li][/ul]

Isn’t it more generally the case that college coaches whose schemes depend on speed come to the NFL and find that they don’t work because everyone on the other team’s defense is as fast as the fastest few opposing players they ever faced in college? See, e.g., Steve Spurrier.

Philadelphia area resident and (for his first two years) former Chip Kelly fan here.

He was doing just fine until last winter when he took over Howie Roseman’s job as GM and started swapping players in and out all on his own. And it turned out that he was terrible at it, which is not surprising since it’s not something a college coach gets to do much.

Now the biggest problem we have in Philadelphia is not that Chip is gone but that all of the good players he got rid of are gone and the ones he brought in are still here. Recovering from that situation is going to take years.

That worked for Vince Lombardi.

Lombardi had Bart Starr for his whole career.

Lombardi had a crap load of talent on his team though.

What you now term as “predictable and boring” would not even have been recognized as football when I started watching it in the early 70s, and what I learned was football then, my grandfather didn’t recognize.

The NFL has consistently gone in new directions. The only criteria for that new direction to take hold is that it results in wins. Kelly failed in Philly; maybe he’ll succeed in his next job. Maybe another coach will take the good parts of his attempt and blend them into another style. Who knows?

But if that direction does not results in numbers under the W column, nobody will follow it; if it does, everybody will.

The NFL today is faster and more complex than ever.

The coming and going of gimmicky offenses is no shame.

Chip failed the last 2 years because he didn’t have a franchise QB. A franchise QB is someone who can run and pass which presents the defense with a double threat. San Bradford was not mobile and defenses didn’t have to worry about him running for a large chunk of yardage on 3rd and 9.

Well, that may be the franchise QB of the future, but it’s not yet.

He doesn’t have to be a Michael Vick but should be able to run 6 yards if all the receivers are covered on 3rd and 5.

So you’ve already lowered the goal from 9 yards to 6? :slight_smile:

Ok he should be able to run 10 yards on 3rd and 9.

OK, who, of the current quarterbacks in the NFL, is a franchise QB?


Big Ben

Cam Newton
Carson Palmer

Everyone else is either serviceable or below average.

There is nobody on your list that I would even imagine could be consistently capable of running for a first down on third and long. Not even Newton.

I see all of them do it when push came to shove

Oh, nonsense. I repeat: nonsense. Certainly they all do it once in a while. Usually when the pass play on third and long breaks down and they find a break to run through. Many more of those plays wind up as a sack or a throwaway.

You really think that the Patriots depend on Brady’s running ability? Or the Cowboys on Romo’s? Seriously?

If Brady is doing that, something has failed dramatically.