The crazy things people do to their bodies. Meet Vanity Wonder

Possibly the most out of proportion body modification/plastic surgery procedure? Alhough having just typed that I am reminded that there have been women whove had extremely large breast implants.

The photos are not modified apparently, this is really how she looks.

Baby got back!

What the barnacles?

Her websites says:

Do you think she has to buy two seats to get on an airplane?

Back? Baybee got a Trailer

Too bad. She looked good before. Now she looks silly. I expect that butt is going to sag in a major way as she gets older.
At least she’s still alive. I’ve seen a few stories about women dying from getting someone to give them a butt injection on the black market.

I bet she’s feeling fly with her G6.

She shouldn’t flush while still seated or else vapor-lock might trap here there.

Is that all removable once she regains her senses?


“Vanity Wonder”, huh?
If you google her name, you get links to a bunch of Big Butt sites. She’s evidently a model who wanted to achieve this look for her careerm, and has gone out of her way to get it. It isn’t as if she’s an obsessive individual whjo has pursued body modification solely to satisfy her own ends*, like that guy who injected his own penis until it was a huge misshapen lump.

*you should pardon the expression.

Poor thing.

I’m surprised that she can sit on that without falling over forward.

Or walk without falling backwards

She risks snapping her spine if she sleeps on her back.

Wow, what an ass.

Apparently all of GODs Grace Love and Protection wasn’t enough to get her ass right the first time.

Annnnnnnnd one SDMB thread :wink: Guess we can look forward to some new posters soon!

Guess she’s not a Norwegian Blue.

So, if you read the article, like at all, instead of just looking at the pictures, you’d know that she’s no longer getting shots, she’s written a book about her experiences and the world of black market plastic surgery as a warning to other women, and that she’s grateful that unlike many other women, she didn’t die.

And this contradicts what I wrote, how?

Nor does the article mention her career in this.

Inner Stckler - I did read the article, and it doesn’t answer my question about whether the excess can be removed. And, in fact, the article says she’s “not dissatisfied” about how she looks now, although she’s grateful she’s in one piece.


My favorite part was when the Kwik-E-Mart got mentioned as a real place.

You wanna see crazy things people do to their bodies? Meet Maria Jose Cristerna aka Vampire Woman.