The Crue is back!

Holy shit! I’m watching Larry King and Motley Crue just took the stage. They’re back together!!! Whooooo!!!

All is right in the world of rock.

Are they so detoxed that they announced it on Larry King of all places? Kind of strips any metal cred they may have had, doesn’t it?

Hadn’t even thought of that.

But without the detox they’d all most likely be dead. So I’ll call it a draw.

From what it sounded like (I only saw the second half) they were doing a show in which they were promoted only as a mojor rock act. Somehow Larry King got the exclusive interview while they were backstage getting ready to go on. (You’re right. “Larry King” “exclusive” and “Motley Crue” should never be in the same sentence.)

Whatever, I don’t care. Point is they’re back together! And it was either Tommy or Mick that said they have a few new songs written and they’d be working on finishing a new album. So it sounds like more than a reunion tour to make some quick cash. Unlike Roth getting back with Van Halen.

Yeah, they’ve been promo’ing the reunion on the “rock” station here in Philly for about a week. Now, back in '85, I was a huge Crue fan, but this just smells of desperation.

Vince, Nikki, and Mick have been playing on and off together for the last 10 years. This is really about Tommy Lee getting back together with them. His solo career tanked and this was probably the next best option.

Bring on the spinning drum set!

I loves me some Crue, but I saw Vince two summers ago when he opened for Poison, and he STUNK with a capital STUNK!

It’ll be fun to have them around, but as much as I hate to have to admit it, “new” music by most of the metal/hair bands of the 80’s is never gonna live up to their nostalgia act.

And yeah… Larry King?!

When did Motley Cure become metal? Glam rock sure but metal? I don’t think so. These guys are living proof that you can make money on image alone.