The Daily Show 6/23/05

Was last night’s episode not one of the best Daily Shows ever? Howard Dean could’ve been a little looser (he looked way too rigid and nervous), but Stephen Colbert pizza thing had me getting up to leave the room briefly because I was laughing so hard. “Holy shit…he did not just go there!!” :smiley: :smiley:


That was the closest I’ve ever come to dieing laughing. My face must have been beat red. He’s the best. And it kept getting better.

My favorite moment (watching my recorded copy now so I can get an exact transcript):

Fun fact: The space bar pauses and unpauses my media player, and it also hits the “Submit Reply” button!

Nitpick: the pizza should have been saugage. Other than that this episode rocked! Humor, bs-ers being called on it and boobs. Awesome!

I can’t believe that the porn chick ripped one in front of Colbert. God bless the young Republicans…

Eh, they probably filmed it after work. It tends to trap a lot of air back there.

Not that I would know anything about that. No siree, good old missionary position for Wolfian. That’s the ticket.

:Scoots aside tube of KY.:

Not so much “in front of” as “right at him.” At first I thought she was flashing him spreading her legs like that, but no, that was gas. And Colbert didn’t even get flustered. “That’s what we call an exclusive!”

I love this man. I hope he stays this funny for the Report.

I was dying throughout the entire show. Colbert is golden, no doubt about it.

Great episode, but can’t stand Dean. Jon really didn’t want to pull any punches in talking to a Democrat, and kept the heat on when Dean kept evading the question, but Dean had nothing. I am now more worried about the state of the democratic party (or at least not less worried).

But the rest of the episode was gold.