The Dave-Guy Has A Monica Lewinsky Moment

OK, the other day I was doing the pest service at this office. I’ve done their service for over a year and a half. It’s a lawyer’s office.

So when I’m done, I fill out the service ticket and am standing at the reception window waiting for the young lady to get off the phone and sign the ticket. Well, she’s looking for stuff and reaching around on her desk and so on, and her blouse (a T-shirt-type thing) rides up in the back. I can’t help but notice the waistband of her underwear above the waistband of her slacks. And it’s obvious that she’s wearing a thong. I assume it’s so she won’t have VPL, and of course she can wear whatever underwear she wants, but this is more information than I need, thank you.

A “Monika Lewinsky” moment ???

With the defernce and respect required in this forum I’ll leave it at saying get over yourself.

Get over myself? I didn’t mean it to sound as if she were intentionally showing me her underwear to titillate me. It was because

A) the incident involved a thong and
B) the use of Monica Lewinsky’s name is sure to make my thread viewings shoot through the roof.

Get over myself? Get over your pre-concieved notions.

Well, the thread title made me look …

So is this what they call trolling?. Not complaining, I just want the facts.

Actually, I started this thread because it seemed like an unusual incident which happened to me. I thought relating it here would spur others to relate similar stories.

I chose the Monica references to get attention.

I’m so ashamed.

Jeez you guys, lighten up. It ain’t like no thread has ever been titled to purposely titillate before. Yer makin’ a fuss over nuttin’.

Now see, I thought Dave was wearin’ a beret and scarfin’ down the Altoids. Sorry, Dave.

And I looked because I saw “Monica Lewinsky” in the title, and “Chrome Spot” as the last poster, and I thought, “Wait - that’s not the kind of spot I read about”. So I had to look. Maybe there’s something new?

I feel so prurient. And let down, at the same time.


What am I missing??

Visible Panty Line. A major faux pas for women, I’m led to understand.

Especially when the entire panty is visible above the low-rider jeans. Anybody else hearing that wacky Old Navy girl, “You gotta get this look!”

Maybe I’m just looking more than usual, but I have personally noticed a huge influx of women bustin’ sags around here.

I’ll take VPL over Plumber’s Butt Crack any day…

…well, it made sense when I thought it…

Well, yeah, me too, but for different reasons.

BTW, FairyChatMom, do you mean your own VPL over your own Plumber’s Butt Crack? Or am I getting too personal?

Well, I don’t have a plumber, nor am I one, and I wear relaxed fit jeans, so… Anyway, no, you’re not getting too personal.

And I thought this thread was going to be either a vivid description of a girl earning her kneepads or Dave discovering cigars.

Damn, foiled again…

Actually, Dave should run his shirt under some cold water first and gently scrub the area with a damp cloth… then take it to the dry cleaners as soon as he can.

please, tell me this woman wasn’t wearing white pants with a black thong. that would be a major NO-NO on many levels.
i saw a woman wearing that combo at a food court. there was pointing when she bent to put her tray down on the table and when she twisted and bent to dispose of her tray.
was that the type of story sharing you wanted?

[Homer]mmm… white pants…[/Homer]

Was it after Labor Day?

Truthfully, I understand why folks would want to remove a chrome spot, but give me a chance. I might grow on you.