The day you turned 10.

We’ve had threads about events happening on the day you were born, so here’s a twist: What’s the most noteworthy thing that happened on the day you turned 10? (If you haven’t turned 10 yet, you’re SOL.)

This link should be a big help.

In my case, on October 1, 1955 The Honeymooners had its premiere.

Nothing happened on my 10th birthday!


Not much:

I was going to tell you what the Queen’s father told her when she turned 10, but now that I’ve found a link I see that it was when she turned 12.

  • 1st broadcast of “Columbo” on NBC-TV

The Beatles taped Abbey Road.
Madison Square Gardens officially opened.
The Memphis Sanitation Strike began.

Two Libyans suspected of bringing down Pan Am flight 103 in 1988 are handed over for eventual trial in the Netherlands.


Wiki lists nothing and the link in the OP says “Herman Gooding, Suriname police-inspector, dies.”

“Shenandoah” closes at Alvin Theater NYC after 1,050 performances and Samantha Ronson was born. Yawn.

“Lorena Bobbitt found temporarily insane for chopping off spouse’s penis.” Fantastic.

US President Jimmy Carter signs legislation creating the United States Department of Energy.

Stephen Wozniak & Steven Jobs founded Apple Computer on my 10th b-day. April 1st, 1976.

43 inches of rain fell on Alvin, Texas. Slow news day!

  • 107th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Pete Sampras beats Courier (76 76 36 63)
  • Brandie Burton wins LPGA Jamie Farr Toledo Golf Classic
  • Dave Winfield hits 442nd HR to move into 19th place
  • Pilar Fort, crowned 25th Miss Black America
  • Pizza Hut blimp deflates & lands safely on W 56th street in NYC

Anne Shirley, actress (Stella Dallas), dies of lung cancer at 75

  • Charles Crain, actor, dies in Hollywood at 83
  • Felix White, choreographer (Black Vibrations Theatre), dies at 65

Nothing to wild really.

Not a single damned thing that I can find. October 7, 1997.

My 11th birthday, however, was the day Matthew Shepard was beaten to death.

-The federal debt ceiling is temporarily raised to $985 billion.

-At Camp David, President Carter goes fishing, and later sees the movie Urban Cowboy with the First Lady.

-NYC transit fare rises from 50 cents to 60 cents.

-Bette Midler had the #1 spot with The Rose, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Elton John, Lipps Inc, Robbie Dupree, Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson, The Spinners and Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band had the other nine spots.

On a more personal note, I had persuaded my family to have a ‘real’ birthday party for me in the backyard. I was the youngest of 4 and I worked the ‘double digit’ angle as hard as my cute young self could. Most birthdays were celebrated by having dinner at Grandma’s house or having the grandparents over, we were not the hosting type. We’d never had the money to host things, really, but the family finances were doing alright by then.

The days leading up to the party were frenzied and unseasonably hot and humid. We were all working like mad to clean up the normally over-cluttered house and try and make the back yard at least somewhat presentable. My dear mother was making herself crazy organizing all of us and cooking the food and baking the cake and such.

Meanwhile, my Dad has a look in the mirror and decides he needs to spiff up with a haircut. Mom used to trim his hair to save money, so he asks her to do so. She stares back, aghast that he could be so willfully blind to the barely tethered chaos around him and snaps that he’ll have to until the next day. Miffed, he hies himself off to the nearest barbershop and instructs them to shave his head. Bald.

Not a lot of guys rocking the chrome dome in 1980, unless nature and old age had accomplished it for them. When he strode proudly, and palely, into the back yard mid-party I ran screaming from the strange man I didn’t recognize. As soon as he laughed I realized it was just Dad, and we were merrily chasing around the back yard when a nearby neighbor hopped the fence holding a sawed-off shotgun. He too hadn’t recognized my bald Dad and was coming to rescue the poor little screaming girl from the crazed maniac chasing her. He put the gun away and we all had cake.

But Mom never let us have any more birthday parties after that.

Mostly sports stuff I know nothing about (although I may google Kim Hughes to see why he was tearful at his resignation*).

  • After 518 goals & 14 years with Mont Canadiens, Guy LaFleur retires
  • John W Mercom Jr announces NO Saints are up for sale for $75 million
  • Kim Hughes tearfully resigns as Australian cricket captain

But there is this:

  • US & Iraq regain diplomatic relations

Heh. And how’d that work out?

*ETA:Ah, his team was having a bad season, so he resigned and, I guess, took his bat and went home quite literally.

Apparently it was s slow news day

  • 40th NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship: Kentucky beats Duke 94-88
  • Bob Fosse’s “Dancin’” opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 1,774 perfs
  • Rutles “All You Need is Cash” is shown on British TV

Big-ass earthquake in Peru with 50,000, maybe 70,000, killed. And a bunch of unimportant* stuff in the USA.

*Really. TV station founded, someone wins the Ladies’ Open… gripping stuff.