The Democrats will win their election

I don’t like it, but I’ve just received a word from the Lord (please don’t make fun of the Lord) that the Democrats will win the next election.

The exact word of knowledge was simply this: “The democrats will win their election, but then comes the knife”.

I don’t understand the part about the knife and I don’t like to add anything when the Lord gives these words of knowledge. I’m no prophet … just a normal nobody.

I wonder though what that means? A knife can cut things apart … a knife in the back perhaps?

Some revelation that would’ve kept her from being elected, perhaps?

Does this mean Hillary won’t be partaking in the inauguration Friday, January 20th, 2017?

If it is about Hillary’s health … Trump couldn’t do anything about it that’s for sure even if he took it to the supreme court.

I have had these words in the past … not all the time, but they have always been right so far.

So have fun with it or what you will … I am not into any vain glory.

Sort of sad in a way … I thought Donald Trump still had a chance.

That’s the third prophecy I’ve heard this week, but they’re all different! How is a mere mortal like me supposed to figure out which one is actually speaking to God, and which ones are just nuts?

Apres-moi, le deluge

Also, witnessing goes in Great Debates. I’ll move it over there.

You mean speaking for God … Shocked me too! It’s just a few more weeks (24 days) till the election, but then the knife comes after that and it is still 3 months and two weeks to the swearing in.

I see nothing but trouble on the way making this one of the crayziest elections ever.

How do you know it was the Lord and not Satan?

  1. Good to hear from an authoritative source. Quite frankly as long as Trump does not get to be President, we praise and worship the Power that makes it be so.

  2. Understand that people are not going to make fun of the Lord, we’re going to make fun of YOU and the notion that you channel actual revelation.

2)(A) The Lord, in any case, is impervious to any sort of ribbing mere humans can muster. Never understood all the people in various religions that get so bent out of shape over outsiders being less than reverent to deities, prophets or sundry annointed ones.

It means the new administration will be circumcised eight days after the inauguration.

You should probably be on the look out for she-bears. Just sayin’.

Take heart. As you note, a knife is a metaphor that can be interpreted more than one way.

Perhaps God has grown tired of how some people have been invoking his name in their quest to gather up power and wealth and to divide people against each other. This is completely contrary to the message of Christianity. God said to help the poor and the weak not the rich and the strong.

So God has been sending messengers. He sent two people who are both devout Christians and both are outsiders to traditional privilege. The first was a black man, who served as a peaceful reminder to tell those sinners they should change their ways. But they mocked this messenger and treated him as an enemy. So now God is sending a woman, who will act as God’s knife and will cut these sinners down.

God told you this so you can pass the word. When the sinners are struck down, they will continue their lies and claim that they are Christian martyrs being attacked by the forces of evil. God wants you to witness the truth that these sinners are really facing his just wrath.

Exactly; maybe the Senate will cut out the Filibuster…or pare the budget even further…or give the knife to every Supreme Court nominee for the next four years.

It’s a little late to celebrate National Cooking Day (Sept. 25th) but there’s always next year; keep your boning knife sharp!

Like St Paul … I’m in the race to win. After 31 years of following Him I just know His voice. I am an introvert not an extrovert. I would not shame Him.

You know what Colibn … you were one of the first members I met here, but I don’t want to remind you of that thread lol. :slight_smile:

I, too, just heard from god, only what “he” told me was that he doesn’t give a shit who wins the election. I advised god to try and pull for Hillary Clinton, but god stated quite plainly that he doesn’t give a shit.

Satan was banned years ago.

Maybe the knife means all the Trump states will secede and be their own little crazy-nuts country and leave the sane people to make a better one.

You never heard of these. Trump is making everyone into a prophet.

Of course the democrats will win: Jesus is a socialist.

But the Satanicans will still try to impeach him for perjury.

p.s. Yeah, I know it’s weak. Sorry, it’s late and I’m out of material.

How do you think the Lord feels about Donald Trump’s lack of Christian values (history of adultery, excessive pride in himself, idolatry of wealth, bearing false witness, lack of repentance for his sins) and his completely cynical pandering to evangelicals?

It’s amazing the predictive power of the Lord at this time of the election. I would be more impressed if he had told you that 11 years ago, not when Donald’s chances are 10%, and less than a month to the election.

Did he said anything about 2020?

That struck me too. God finally decides to speak, and all he he can demonstrate is that he reads Nate Silver and Sam Wang ?

That’s great your imaginary friend talks to you about topics you’re interested in. Did your friend know pollsters rate HRC’s chance at 85% and that she has never not been in the lead?

It’s curious how religion and the threat of violence go so often together.