The Dinosaur and Hot Dog

This sounds like a great name for a faux-British-Pub American eatery:

Is this:

a.) A Dinosaur eating a Hot Dog in an inconvenient manner

b.) a Dinosaur sticking out his tnogue

c.) A very suggestive Dinosaur Statue

I note, by the way, that, except for that anomalous hot dog, this is a much more realistic dinosaur statue than you normally encounter at a nondescript roadside place.

As a guy, my immediate reaction to that photo is to squirm uncomfortably in my chair.

I think it would have a lot less unfortunate connotations if the hot dog had simply been placed sideways.

Eric Cartman could have used him in “Scott Tenorman Must Die”.

I think that’s an artistic representation of a T. Rex eating a Dachshundosaur (latin: Weiner Lizard).

I’d just like to say that that looks like a neat website to go exploring. It makes me think of The West Virginia Surfing Report for some unclear reason.

Oh, it is. I’ve been exploring it for years. I also have the last edition of their book, which is WOEFULLY out of date, and desperately in need of a new edition.

I really don’t know, but my guess is that the dinosaur was created by Mark Cline, who has created many fiberglass dinosaurs in that somewhat realistic style in southwestern Virginia.

Someday I WILL visit the Dinosaur Kingdom, which depicts the bloodbath when union soldiers in the Civil War happened upon a dinosaur enclave.

Edit: your link *says *it’s Mark Cline.