The divorce was final yesterday.....

and I handled it quite well. I did get a little choked up when the judge banged his gavel and pronounced the marriage “dissolved.” Neither my ex nor his lawyer bothered to show up. Putz. Went shoe shopping afterwards with my sister and visited with the Wonder Pony[sup]TM[/sup] last night. I am blue/sad today, but I guess that is to be expected. I want to go home after work, put on my pj’s, get into bed and eat cheese popcorn and read. I should be fine tommorow!

PJ’s, cheese popcorn and reading, if that don’t cure the blues, nothin’ will.

Except maybe that new pair of shoes. :slight_smile:

And maybe a bubble bath. And some chocolate.

Originally posted by Jane D’oh!:

Uh Jane, make that three pairs of shoes. From Nordstrom’s. Two pairs of shoes for work, and one pair of kick ass screamin’ cool slides with the long pointy toe in caramel colored leather and blue denim color satin. Of course I have nothing to wear with them so I must get a new outfit.

Plus I truly can spell tomorrow.

(Bolding mine.)

Both you and your sister? At the same time?! Whoo-eeee! Ride 'em, cowgirls!

Wait…that’s not what I think it is, is it?

Anyway, congrats or condolences…whichever is applicable.

Chocolate & maybe a nice bottle of Wine. Best Wishes to you.

The Wonder PonyTM has me well, wondering… is that what I think it is? If so, good for you! :wink:


Congratulations on your new, better life!

wait! whats that buzzing sound? its a bird, its a plane, its TM the Wonder Pony!