The Doctor meets Captain Picard

No, it’s not fanfic.

Sounds like it could be good.

I’m especially glad they’re bringing back the Monk, since he was one of the most fascinating of the Doctors opponents. In his original appearance (I’ve never seen the second, since it’s been lost), he wasn’t doing anything particularly bad or evil. But his goal was to advance human progress – there would be television by the 1500s, for instance – and the Doctor’s argument “You can’t meddle with time” seemed pretty hollow.

At first I thought the character Picard was going to be on Dr. Who. That would be irredeemably dumb.

Stewart’s a good actor, and a good fit for the show.

The premise of the new series is the Doctor is the last Time lord. Ok, except for the Master. And now the Meddling Monk. Will the Rani be next? Omega? Romana? The one that was a school chum of the Doctor?

I mean it is certainly explainable that the Doctor only THINKS he’s the last but few renegades may have slipped away, but I hope tey don’t overdo it.


I’m guessing, if this is true, then that’s absolute confirmation that Tennant is signed on for Series Five.

Well, the Daleks were supposed to have been destroyed too, and they’re popping up like cockroaches. It seems to me that if there’s one thing guaranteed to ensure the survival of a species, it is to have been completely and totally wiped out in the Time War.

And now I am going to do something I have NEVER in my life done.


I feel better now.


So this may help resolve some long unresolved issues with the Monk. How cool!

As long as they don’t bring him back with OCD. :slight_smile:

I had a different first impression: Picard meets Voyager’s EMH. I’m out of the loop with Dr. Who.

What does “his role is a belter” mean?

I can’t imagine those two on the same stage, but obviously it’s been done before.

Daleks??? Again???

The Rani is pretty much a given for showing up eventually. Romana I could see happening. Omega? Not really. And I thought the Master was the Doctor’s old school chum.

This would not be “series 5”, BTW. The article mentions that this is for one of the specials that we already knew were coming next year (well this year if we count the Christmas special).

It means it’s a good role. A corker, a knockout etc.

The Monk wanted to give nuclear weapons to medeival warriors. He wasn’t intent on advancing human progress for any good, ‘humanitarian’ aim. He was deliberately tampering with established history and putting millions of lives at risk (billions, trillions even, given that the people who would be killed in a medieval-age nuclear war would therefore not give birth to any of the generations of children that followed them.) And his rationale? “Because it’s so much fun!” IMO, showing callous disregard for an entire planet’s history & population just for the sake of a few laughs is indeed the epitomy of EVIL.

I’ve actually occasionally wondered why Stewart hadn’t already shown up on Nu-Who. (Wasn’t he on the shortlist to play Davros last year?) Given his desire to distance himself from playing Pciard, I’d just assumed he’d want to stay away from any/all sci-fi related projects.

levdrakon, I also agree with you about the Daleks. They’ve grown stale as the ongoing villain. They have the same problem as the Borg - how long can they appear to be the heavy, unstoppable juggernaut threat when they are perpetually having their shiny metal asses handed to them on a yearly basis?

I’m…not sure what the article is saying. It says it’s going to be a two-parter, so that rules the specials out, but it says it’s going to be next year.

Sure, I got from context it’s a good thing. But where does it come from? Is it the belt you wear around your waist? Is it a belt of good booze? Is it “belting one out of the park,” a baseball term?

Ah, Drax from The Armageddon Factor. Technically he wasn’t a Time Lord though, having failed temporal theory.

Don’t forget the guy who was in charge of the monastery with the spider problem.

Or Borusa, who probably survived because he’s now just a stone mosaic. He’d probably have a lot in common with that girl from “Linda”, the Doctor Who consipiracy theory gang from “Love & Monsters.”

I’ll believe this when I read it on the BBC website, and not before.

His goal was clearly stated: to advance human civilization. Remember, he wanted people to be able to see Shakespeare’s plays in TV in the 16th Century. The Doctor’s argument with him – “You shouldn’t be meddling” – is particularly weak, especially since that was exactly what the Doctor always does (Tom Baker addressed that later). The Doctor wasn’t concerned about atomic weapons or wars and never argued the issue; his only point was that the Monk shouldn’t be meddling with time.

Also, he only wanted to use a few of the weapons, and given the fact that he wasn’t giving them any other technology, the weapons would be useless once the ammunition ran out.

More than any other Who villain (except Helen A.), his character (at least, in The Time Meddler) was the most interesting. He was trying to make things better, even if he may not have chosen the best way.

I’m wondering if they’ll touch on the Doctor traveling to another dimension and being known as Merlin (Battlefield, 1989).

And I’ve always wanted to another episode with the Raston Warrior Robot.

Actually, I think Stewart would have made an excellent Celestial Toymaker, who I’d love to see in a future episode.