The Donald Trump 2024 Campaign Thread (Primary Edition)

I guess I’m taking one for the team then. I’m watching CNN and they’re carrying his speech.

So far, what he says happened on his watch doesn’t align with reality. For example, he tooks steps to save American lives from Covid in the spring/summer of 2020, and saved many.

Oh look, someone filed to create a new campaign committee.

I didn’t think he was going to run. But he is. Holy Shit!!

With luck Article 5 will be invoked and none of us will have to live through another Trump candidacy.

OK, there was a whopper: “My endorsements resulted in 232 wins and 22 losses.” Is there any way that could be correct? I’m highly doubtful of those numbers.

Msnbc is just showing pictures every now and again.

Did he just preempt tucker?

Diverting into an endorsement of Herschel Walker now.

I am 100% certain we will have to live through another Trump candidacy, a primary season where he will dominate the GOP field and next summer a GOP nominating convention where he will be inaugurated again as the GOP nominee for President.

I’ve said it before, the only way this doesn’t happen is if he dies. Not wishing death on anyone, just that is the only way I see him not being the GOP nominee in 2024.

And there’s the announcement: he’s running for President.

God, no. Will this torture never end?

I tried to watch and got through about 5 seconds. Could someone please post a link to a transcript when it is available?

Where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?

I’m half listening to hear if he says anything about Desanctimonious….

Very unlikely it will end anytime soon.

Not impressed by DeSantis, then? He’s supposed to be a smarter Trump.

So far, @JaneDoe42 , it’s mostly how America had the world’s respect when he was President. Russia, North Korea, and China respected him because he was so tough. Then, he turned to how nothing bad that has happened over the last two years was the result of anything he did while in office. Inflation, high gas prices, lack of respect from the global community–they’re all Biden’s fault, and we all know that Biden falls asleep at international conferences, and forgets the name of the country he is in when travelling.

You didn’t miss much. Imagine what you might think he would say, and he said it.

Trump has a firm hold on a large % of the GOP base. DeSantis is unlikely to run in 2024 in my opinion.

The GOP can push back all they want and many of them have in the last few days. We’ve seen it before and when the base gets riled they all end up backing down. I see no reason to think things have changed all that much. The GOP won’t learn any lessons about supporting this boob until they get totally crushed. 2022 midterms were bad for them but not bad enough.

Saying you could have killed more people the last time you were President might not be the best point to emphasize when you’re announcing your plan to run again.

I lasted 15 more minutes. God I hate this guy.

I don’t think DeSanctimonious runs in 2024 either. There’s no reason for a currently-popular 44-year-old governor to get into the mud with the orange hog. He can let Trumpy-Wumpy take one last dumpy on the GOP, and clean up the mess in '28.