The Doper Research Foundation( DUMB ASSES)

Well, this is how it started…

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I guess at this point, we’d have to start rounding people up and having them compare the average hotness of a random sampling of Asian and non-Asian women. People who consistently found a standard Asian woman more attractive than a comparable white (or whatever) woman might be said to legitimately have a fetish or preference in that case. Anyone want to put in that kind of work?
XOLegato: heh heh… Roundup of Asian Women For Exotic Temptation** I**n Standard Hotness



See, this is the kind of thing that makes me wish we had some kind of Doper research foundation. We come up with good ideas AND we can make good acronyms.

Dopers Understanding** M**any Bewilderingly Accidental Scientific Situations and Explaining Stuff

Any takers? :smiley:

Felowship of United Concern for Knowledge, Order and Functional Fraternity.

Educational Association for Training Secular Humanists in International Tribunals.

Babbling, Lascivious, Obnoxious Wallabies with Monstrous Eyeball.

Sorry, guys, we really don’t need a thread devoted to this.