The E-zine Announcement

Hi Cecil and Cecileers,

Ed Zotti has been announcing the unofficial e-zine for purt near a week now. Why isn’t it sliding down the fora like a salted slug, the way other posts do? And if it’s normal, when will it go away?

Thanks for the enlightenment,

It’s not going away because the vBulletin software allows for the capability of creating a thread (an announcement) that always remains at the top of the forum and does not allow for replies.

It will remain there forever. When our bleached bones are whitening in the desert sun, and aliens from beyond our solar system will be marvelling at our past glories, that announcement will still be sitting proudly at the top of the forum list.

When an admin posts an announcement, it remains up there until the time the admin wants the message to remain.

Open up the announcement and you will see what I mean.

It’s not a thread, we can’t reply or add to the announcement. Usually the announcement area is used for official business or other such things that pertain to all users on the board.

This gives the admins the ability to communicate without the message being dropped into the board abyss.

A Cecilert, if you will. Or a Zottigram.