The End Of MST3K (Again)

In case anyone is interested, tomorrow (1/31) at 9 am EST the SciFi Channel will be showing MST3K episode 912, The Screaming Skull. And then the era ends. No contract extension, no more repeats.

Technically, this isn’t a huge deal. The show has been out of production for years now. Hell, It’s been months since I’ve watched an episode on SciFi (Taped 'em all ages ago), but still, it’s been comforting to at least know they were there. :frowning:

Oh well…at least we still have Rhino pumping out the DVDs. Keep 'em coming, folks!

All info here.

Oh, well . . . They’ve been showing the same damn half-dozen or so episodes over and over and over again anyway . . . Guess it’s time for me to start sheling out bucks for the videos.

There goes my Saturday morning ritual.

Funny thing, there are just SO many jokes in an episode that I still laughed at the ones that had been shown over and over the last years. I simply couldn’t remember most gags, so it was like I saw them the first time again.

Best. Show. Ever.



I just wanted to lay a rose on this coffin as well. It was a great ride and I was very surprised how much longer it ran after it was over.

I’ve luckily bought all of the Rhino tapes, most of the fan club releases and got all but 10 episodes on .avi files.

Start the 21 turd salute (a la Time of the Apes)

Farewell, Mystery Science Theater 3000…and we thank you.

::Cue taps::

A sad day indeed.

Well, after tomorrow, I’ll have no reason to watch the Sci-Fi Channel again.
I’ve been slowly copying my eps to DVD. I’m in the early 5th season.

I crap on you, Science Fartshun network. You were a one-bit pony in a trickless show. You purchase one true hit which wasn’t lamely ripped off from a decent movie (tremors, the series. Really smell the lameness) or was a hilarioulsy bad movie in and of itself (movies that’d make the lifetime network look like cinemax) and desecrate it. You force-feed their subject matter, and then when their subject matter hits too close to home you cancel the show out of retalliation. (If you’re going to show the crappiest sci-fi movies ever then dont be f’ing suprised when teh MST3K crew trashes same said movies). You pretended to bring hope and life back to a series that had proudly held its head up high and run its course, only to purposefully smash it into the ground. Damn you al, you damn, hairless, apes. May all your children look like Torgo, smell like pat buttram, and talk like joe don baker. Sci-Fi network, you’re officially off my cable plan. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

As long as we have, we’ll still have MST3K. Time to start saving up for the box sets, too.

Press the button, Frank. :frowning:

Something Awful’s Forum Goons mocked movie posters this weekend, and they even have an MST3K movie on at the top of this page.

It’s pretty good. In fact, there are several this go-round that are top-notch (I especially liked the Rod Jeremy saga based on the “Big Fish” poster, and yes, the title is what you’re thinking it is).

Anyway, just wanted to note that I’ve seen “Stranded in Space” and “Teenager from Outer Space” more times than any other movie. Does that make them works of art?

I admit I haven’t watched the reruns in the last few years once I saw most of the episodes, but it feels a bit like the end of an era.

Yay for DVD!

I didn’t know it was the last one when I watched The Screaming Skull this morning. Ah, well. I wonder what all the Best Brains folks are doing now.

I’m sad. Even though I’ve got most of the last couple of seasons on tape and almost never watched the SciFi reruns (no cable, dontchaknow), it was nice to know that it was still around.

Check out the MST3K Sattelite News; they have some of the cast’s reaction to the last episode, and a continually updated what are they doing now section.

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett gave a talk in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago as part of a comedy festival. There, they mentioned that they’re all working on a book together. Mike mentioned that he’s in pre-pre-negotiations for a movie verison of his book Death Rat!, and also that Mary Jo Pehl (Mrs. Forrester) is coming out with a book. I’m all over that; she’s hilarious.

When I win the $500 kerbillion Powerball one of my priorities will be to purchase the rights to all the films lampooned on MST3K and hand them over to whomever I need to in order to insure that every episode of MST3K is released on DVD/video so that the world will not forget Rowsdower, not forget the Prince of Space, not forget Mitchell, not forget the scary Wisconsin farmer in “The Giant Spider Invasion.” That, I pledge to you.

Their spoof on Tora! Tora! Tora! is quite possibly the single funniest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.

Too bad about MST3K. Hurry up with that powerball win, Torgo, I want a DVD of Rocketship X-M.

You’ll have a tough time getting the rights to Time of the Apes, since I believe Sandy Frank said he would never give permission for them to use his films again.

And we must always remember the importance of springs.

Just recently, I accidentally taped over my copy of Track of the Moon Beast. I was waiting for Sci-Fi to re-run it (as they did the same 13 episodes over and over again) so I could re-tape it. And now they pull this. D’oh! I didn’t even have all the Sci-Fi episodes! I only got the channel when they started re-running the same episodes in a cycle. Oh, how I loathe the Sci-Fi Channel now.

I guess I’ll have to go to my MST3K connection on the street to get my fix now.

Oh, and please put your Dick Ashe out in the ashtray. Thank you.