The Ex List - Help!

Need Answer Fast!!!

We were watching the season premiere tonight on a DVR, and it cut off the fricka-fracking end. We browsed online only to find lots of comments like “I thought it would end [the way we thought it would end], but we were so suprised at what happened!”

We’re going nuts over here. The musician guy takes the stage, the episode cuts off and we all howl “Noooooooooooo…” :smack:

He gives a shout-out to Bella – “This is a special song for a very special woman inthe crowd tonight” – she gestures and looks appropriately pleased-but-embarrassed.

He launches into the song – which is “Here is my revenge, this bitch is crazy, she will be alone forever” (paraphrasing madly).

I thought this was a good show, BTW – I definitely plan to keep watching. How many shows have freakin’ merkin jokes, fercryinoutloud?

I watched this on Saturday night and was very pleasantly suprised. This one is staying for a while on my Friday night list.