The fact that humans believe in something called 'God' has a hand in almost everything that is shit

about the world.

Oh, and this is an afterthought.

It also feels obvious to me that the fact that a minority of humans lack that belief has a hand in most things that are awe-inspiring about the human race.

For me, all the best literature, media, progression from suffering of the species comes from those who boldly reject superstition and favour asking questions.

There is no God. There once was a God, but I murdered Him. Got His bony white torso and limbs chopped up and stuffed in a suitcase under my futon, with his hairy white skull used as a footstool. At first I had the side with his smug beatific beard facing me, but had to turn the skull-stool around because his face was kinda creeping me out.

It’s nice to see a man who’s not afraid to pat himself on the back. :wink:

Oh, Lobsang. Have you ever, even once, made a Pit thread that wasn’t crushingly boring? But then, I suppose this one is at least self-justifying; it’s shit, and it wouldn’t be here if people didn’t believe in God. Well done.

As a tip, though, if your entire idea for a thread could fit in a Twitter post, it’s probably better off there.

Cool story, bro.

Like your thread, for example.

Here’s a pro tip: be “concerned” about your own beliefs instead of being “concerned” about others.

Atheist thread #4,325. Yawn.

(FWIW, I’m agnostic leaning. As if it really matters.)

Pit fail.

I can see the hand of God behind this thread. Or is it the hand of alcohol? Sometimes, I get them confused.

Perhaps, but this thread doesn’t fall in that category.

It would be nice if the crusading atheists of the world would learn a little something about religion, which always gets dismissed as mere superstition. Yes, humans believe in things that are not true. Get over it. Did you ever consider that if millions upon millions of humans do something, it might actually be functional? Perhaps religion can have positive social or cultural or political functions, as well as being literally false? I’m no big fan, and I certainly won’t defend the murders and oppression (both systematic and occasional) that religion brings, but to reduce such a diverse and complex phenomenon to the OP doesn’t say much about you. As a bonus, many humans do not believe “something called ‘God’ has a hand in almost everything” – that’s your Judeo-Christian bias showing through.

No difference.

God and his roommate Chugs were armwrestling…


God suggested that I move this from The BBQ Pit to Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share. Who am I to argue?

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Oh. Then by that logic, the earth is really flat.

Ok. The MPSIMs gods told me that this thread wasn’t MPSIMS-worthy, either. So I’ll close it. The OP may start a new thread on the same topic as long as it begins with a Pit-appropriate rant.

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