The Feelings Came back

Hey guys, I’m back and I took all of the advice and it worked, well I thought it did. So this is what happen. About two days ago I was at school and in the morning we get like 20mins to walk around and talk before the first bell. So I was with my little group outside and we were laughing and joking and then my ex came with a new guy in her arms to this other group was was behind us. I didn’t notice her at first until I turned around. When I saw her all of my feelings came back like a train hitting a person on a railroad. I felt hurt mostly, I don’t think it was the new guy because I already knew about him, but seeing her and her only just I don’t know I felt really sad, guilty, a little mad and just all these bad emotions. In a way I really wanted her back, but at the same time I don’t. I don’t know what to do… :smack:

any advice?

You realize it’s the middle of the night in the US and not many people are up, right? Bumping your post after 15 minutes is only annoying.

That said, I don’t really know what you’re talking about, there’s way too many pronouns of people we’re supposed to already know who they are. When you say “at school” I’m assuming high school?

Jeez, EvilTOJ, get with the program. He means this thread of his. nathaniel1994, I think it will keep hurting until you find someone else to occupy your thoughts. Try to keep busy, don’t let her see you all puppydog-hurt, and your feelings will start to lessen in time. The first romances can be really hard to get past.

If I could read your mind love,
what a tale your thoughts could tell.
Just like a paperback novel,
the kind the drugstore sells.
When you reach the part where the heartaches
come the hero would be me.
Heroes often fail.
And you won’t read that book again
because the endings just to hard to take.

I think the advice in that other thread is still good. You will have setbacks. It’s a tough road to hoe. But you’ll get over it.

And, while I won’t recommend jumping into a new romantic relationship (as you are on the rebound), it is true that you need to find something else to occupy your thoughts. Be passionate about it, and it will help the hurt.

Just for your information, nathaniel1994, it is customary to provide a link back to a thread if you are referring to it, for this message board sometimes move quite fast, and not everyone reads every post.

What can I say about your situation? Time heal all wounds, but you must let go. It will probably take a while for your case too. Find constructive things to do - such as going for a run or working on a hard assignment. Just don’t fixate on the hurt.

yea I know that now, i’m kinda of new to this lol, but thankl you all for the advice i’ve been working on ym rapping thing I got going on and boxing mostly so it has been occupying my time. It was just that day brought back so much stuff.

nathaniel, if you’d like some full-on topic specific attention on this thing, send me a PM. I have a little romance n life group I co-mod with a great lady, it’s a very gentle, non-judgmental, nice group.

this how i feel now

Listen to this song and feel like it.