The fog is THICK today!!

This is the current view from the 23rd floor of my building in downtown San Francisco:

Unlike London’s, SF’s fog is NOT overrated! Also unlike London’s, SF’s fog won’t kill you.
I haven’t been here too long, but i have never seen fog this thick. I am convinced that this is the first sign of the apocalypse and i’m now moving to Montana and stocking up on assault rifles.

Sounded like a code to me. “The fog is THICK today”

“But the sun still SHINES on the snow.”

Oh well. Back to my box. :smiley:

Hahaha, every time we head into the city, south on 101, psycat freaks out when we are climbing the last hill before you hit the “rainbow tunnel” before the Golden Gate Bridge. You know, the point where all the fog collects? She feels that one is “too close to nature” in that place.

Whaddya 'spect? Pssh, Jersey girl!


The coolest thing about the fog is looking up toward Twin Peaks and seeing it slinking over the hills toward downtown. Looks like a Stephen King novel realized.

A really amazing sight is standing up on Grizzly Peak (Pizzly Greek to the locals) and watching a narrow finger of fog extend from the Golden Gate bridge all the way up to Strawberry Canyon in the Berkeley hills.

My office enjoyed a lovely mass hallucination due to fog on the water a few days ago. I work in San Mateo and our office faces the bay, about a half a mile inland. That day the fog and the water were the exact same color, no way to differentiate between them. This big tanker went by and due to the lack of perspective from the horizon, but having big office buildings in between us and the water, it looked like that tanker was flying by the office building’s 6th floor windows. It took us a few minutes to decide we weren’t all losing it at once. I guess you had to be there, but it was very cool

The fog’s getting thicker!!!

And Leon’s getting L-A-R-G-E-R!

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Ooo! Not like I have a frame of reference for what’s thick vs. not thick fog but I was in SF today for a bit! Oldscratch taught me to differentiate between fog, smog, and haze! Fog moves. I saw it move! It was soooo surreal driving over the Golden Gate and looking down, expecting to see water and seeing what looked like huge clouds! Don’t see much of that at home…

I really, really like the fog. :slight_smile:

The fog gets thicker than this too.
Wait till we get Tule Fog. That stuff’s great.

it’s starting to get cold too. brrr.
for those of you back east, that means 50s around here.

maybe 40s. maybe. at night.
speaking of tule fog, I had a friend in junior high who moved out into the valley (hanford? I think it’s around bakersfield). They had fog days. Apparently you can’t read the street sign from the car. now that’s fog.