The "Friends with benefits" thread: was there ever one?

I seem to recall a thread either in MPSIMS or in IMHO about four or five months ago discussing whether it is possible to have a healthy “sex buddies” relationship. I’ve spent a good hour or so searching for it, and it appears to be gone. Did it disappeal with the board change, or does anyone know where it is?

I recall a thread like that, but much, much older than a few months. I’ll do a search and come back if I find anything.

friend with benefits…who here has one?

Swiddles, did I mention I’ll be in Burlington next weekend?

Sheesh, Little Nemo, does that mean you’re the friend? Or the benefit?


At the risk of ruining my board rep, the LAST thing I need is another ball in the air to juggle. If you know what I mean.

[hijack] Hi Swiddles!!! Long time no see![/hijack]

Wouldn’t that be two balls?