The General GOOGLE+ Thread for tips, tricks, questions, etc.

Yeah, there is no mutual accept/reject friend request function like on Facebook. When you add someone to a circle, you are allowing that person to see anything that you post to that circle. They don’t have to accept the request; they’re just in there.

However. If you are not in any of their circles, then your posts will show up in their “Incoming” feed, which is separate from the main stream. You can access the Incoming feed via a link on the lefthand side of the screen. Once the other person adds you to a circle (any circle at all), then posts you publish to the circle they are in will show up in their main stream.

Example: I add my college friend Mary to my Friends circle. I make a post and publish it to my Friends circle. Mary doesn’t have me in any of her circles yet, so my post goes into her Incoming feed. She checks her Incoming feed and sees my post there. “Ah ha,” she thinks, “that’s MsWhatsit. I know her from college.” She adds me to her College Friends circle.

As soon as I am in one of her circles, my Friends post will show up in her stream, instead of in the Incoming feed.

However, if I make another post and publish it only to my Acquaintances circle, then Mary will not see that post, because she’s not in my Acquaintances circle. She’ll only see the stuff that gets published to Friends. (Or “all circles” or “Public”.)

Yes. You can also select a checkbox that will email people without Google+ accounts every time you make a post to a circle you’ve added them to, but I would recommend against this because it can become spammy and annoying. :slight_smile:

Part of the problem is that my name itself is something that I like to keep separate from my online identity. I mean if someone really wants to find it it’s not that hard, but I don’t like to publicize my real name when doing my online things unless I’m specifically doing online things with real-life friends and family. AFAIK there is no way to set your name to only show to certain circles and show a different name to other circles.

True that. That’s something I was wrestling with before I realized nobody cared about me enough to do anything with the information. :slight_smile:

This is actually one of the main strengths of G+. Facebook is built around the assumption of reciprocal relationships – you’re my friend and I’m your friend and we share equally with each other. But G+ makes no such assumption, making it really great for asymmetrical relationships. For example, I’m interested in what PZ Myers has to say, but I doubt that he’s interested in me. So I can put him in a circle and read his public posts, but he doesn’t need to have his feed clogged with noise from thousands of “friends” like me.

It also helps avoid the idiotic drama surrounding defriending someone. Since people don’t know what circle you’ve put them in, you can move someone from Friends to Acquaintances or even drop them entirely, and they won’t get an active message; they’ll just stop receiving your updates aside from the Public or all-Circles ones. Depending on how close they actually are to you, they’ll probably never even notice.

Unfortunately I’ve had online people fuck with my real life before.



This makes the geek in me very, very happy.

I just added you and created a new Straight Dope circle; my description is ‘scifisam,’ so it should be pretty obvious which one I am.

Something to think about though - employers Google potential hires, so I’m hesitant to link my real-world name to posts I’m made here on controversial topics. I could see an employer not hiring a person because they have a differing opinion, or at least it being the deciding factor between two different people.

Of course, it might be the deciding factor to choose me over the other guy, I guess. But I have some unpopular views, so I think that’s less likely.

Okay, just diving in, so I’ll start off with a few easy ones.
First one.
I have a notification that says “_____added you on Google+. " Does that mean that person is following me” Also, am I to understand this works more like Twitter then facebook? Hence it makes more sense to use the word follow?

Next question. How the hell do I clean up my Google contacts. I’m sick of it suggesting people that I’ve received spam from, or people that I sent one email to years ago. I’ve found ways in Gmail to block them, but I’d like to just get delete them. I really don’t need to to keep suggesting that I follow Heronder Tittsoff to me. I swear, I don’t know him.

Actually, I just clicked on it and hit “remove” at the top (in G+), I doubt that reflects in Gmail, but at least it won’t bug me in G+ anymore.

Next question, if someone posts something, but not to everyone, it shows me who it was posted to. Why?

Also, is there some way to not allow someone to follow me? Can I delete them?
In the mean time, can I block my feed, make it private until I’ve ok’d someone? I know that can be done with Twitter.

But will you be sharing those posts as Public, or limited only to your circles? If it’s circles only, nobody from the outside is going to see them.

Because you’re in one of their circles, so presumably you have some connection, however vague, with the other people in the circle(s) the post was posted to. Google’s trying to give you decent control over content distribution, but it is a social network site.

You can block profiles. However, as I mentioned above, if you share posts only with your circles, the only way a person will see those posts is if they’re in one of your circles.

It still seems odd. Even just from a drama POV. I could see someone saying “Nuh Uh, look, you announced that party on G+, but you didn’t let her see the invitation.” or “Honey, why is it that whenever you mention something about me on G+ you don’t let anyone in your family see it” It just gives me flashes back to myspace. Facebook was pretty good about minimizing as much drama as the had the ability to control.

I figured there was a way. Also, I just stumbled across the privacy controls. I’ll have to look at those closer later on.

My only response to that:


What you say could be a possibility, but it seems to me that if someone’s taking that many notes and pestering you about what you choose to share with other people, they’re looking for drama. I suppose we’ll have to see if it becomes a problem.

The linked document is a collaborative document written in Google Docs – a few hundred folks have edited it so far. Here are my favorite tips from it, regarding circles (Tips >> Creative Ways to Use Circles):

Also, it’s helpful to note that people can be in multiple circles, depending on the content you are posting.

I also liked the post “Searching on Google Plus for Librarians” – helpful even if you are not a librarian. It talks about searching for subjects, rather than specific people.

I know, I just remember in the very very early stages of Myspace, it would actively say things like “John is no longer friends with Marcy” and then Facebook came along and did away with as much drama as they had the ability to do away with.
Like I said, I just think it’s really odd that if I post something to some people, but not all that they’ll be able to tell who specifically I posted it to.

I’m going to guess that at some point that ‘feature’ will be turned off. I just can’t see a good reason for it.

To nitpick, ‘only’ the first 21 people. I’m in an author’s Followers circle, since he doesn’t want to make any Public posts, so I see 21 random profile icons (+2937 others) or whatever the number is at now. That hardly changes what you were saying, I just find it kind of amusing in that particular instance.

Again, possible, but I doubt it’ll cause as much trouble as you think. The intention is to help people find and connect with each other. “Oh hey, you’re friends with Joey too? I’ll put you in my Acquaintances list!”

I just got signed up with Google+ a few days ago…it’s ok so far. Obviously, there’s a smaller amount of people, so I can go a day with just one person posting something, but I do like the ‘circles’ idea, and the minimalist approach.

One thing that some may not know: if you have an Android phone and download the Google+ app, you can set it to automatically put all your photos from your phone into a private folder in Google+, making it easier for you to then share one, should you desire. You have a few options, like only upload on wifi, only upload while charging, etc…

Although…it’s not perfect. Rather than try to upload just the photos in my camera folder, it tried to upload lots of other random images, like custom icon packs, screenshots from games, etc…so I disabled it on mine…it does the same thing in the app if I just manually go to the photos section to upload something…it scans all my folders and I have to sort through hundreds of useless images to get to one I might want.

Here is info on how to import your contacts, photos, etc from Facebook to G+