The Giant killers return? (Beavers vs. Trojan game)

Well, it’s the first quarter and the Beavs are up 7-0.

I’m a Beaver, but I’m also a realist. I didn’t expect us to come out and win, but I must say, they look really good. The Trojans on the other hand, have two three and outs on offense.

Could it happen?
Could it be?

and USC just got their first first down of the game at the end of the 1st quarter.

21-0 at half

Let’s go 2nd favorite OSU!

Nice colors :smiley:

Once again looking like the Trojans are going to get crumbled by Beavers. The irony is delicious (sez the UCLA Classics major…go Beavers!)

No celebrating yet. They apparently discovered how to stop the run at halftime, and now are driving down the field again.

21-7 OSU

whoopss… .21-14 now

This is going to get interesting. The clock can’t run fast enough for Beaver fans.

run clock run!


INT Return to the 2!

Td ore st!


getting interesting now:eek:
edit: what an awful onside kick. Go Beavers!

Good job Oregon State!

The Trojans just couldn’t penetrate the Beaver defense.

haha, nice one.

Well, that’s margarita time.

Thank you, OSU! You guys rock.

As an Oregon State dropout and big fan of their sports teams, I’m feeling real good right now.

Quizz was awesome. He holds the record for most yardage in Texas HS history. More than Erick Dickerson, more than Adrian Peterson. I was super stoked when he agreed to play for the Beavs. Now the rest of the country has gotten to see the
“Quizz Show” in primetime.


Ha! I hate USC, and their network affiliate ESPN. Good for the Beavs. But do me a favor and decide whether your primary color is red or orange…

They’re definitely Orange and Black- what makes you think red?

They look orange in the picture but if you look at the video clip on the right hand side they look like they are in red. On television tonight I was quite confused because I know that they are orange but the coverage made everything look red.