The Grafenberg Spot

:smiley: After reading Cecil’s musings on the Grafenberg Spot, I would like to volunteer to join him in his quest for knowledge on this subject. Where do I sign up?

Welcome, coover. A link such as is appreciated so that we may all read the column.

Thank you, samclem. I guess as an unexperienced forum member, I supposed that everyone reading these posts would receives Cecil’s weekly email newsletter. Obviously, not all do, and in further posts, I shall mention the URL.

However, I am still interested in joining Cecil’s great experiment to determine if there is an actual Grafenberg spot, and so I ask for volunteers of the female persuasion to join me and Cecil. And I make this promise to all volunteers, that if I fail at first to find the spot, I shall persevere, and that I will either find the spot, or find another that will work just as well.

All female volunteers go through me for petting–er, I mean vetting–to make sure they’re appropriate subjects for this important scientific work.

I can confirm the belief of ‘G-spot buffs’ that the liquid is clear. My co-researcher, so to speak, ejaculated three times in our tests but after the third declared that she was ‘completely empty’ leading me to the conclusion that ejaculating women, rare though they are, feel much like men do about their sperm.
But this all begs the question: where does the liquid come from?
(And who said:‘Some say…the spirit of romance is dead’? Charles Kingsley, then what did he know about nipple clamps and toilet cams? Not much I’ll warrant.