The Haiku of the Straight Dope

In this thread, you can
create some haiku for all
the Dopers to read.

My orthodoxy
in writing this poetry
celebrates my world.

A fossil tumor
Faithless cells now stone.

The clouds are giants
sitting in their northern realm.
Are they the sky’s sons?

As the dead leaves fall
I compose my poetry.
Verses to be read.

The wild gusty wind
plays havoc with the people
but it knows no shame.

As I drink my chai
poking at my keyboard’s keys,
I count syllables.

The old Montanans
sitting in musty diners
sip their hot coffee.

Greedily, the Sun
takes most of the Earth’s colors
leaving the ground pale.

Both my small Corgis
would enjoy going outside
although it is cold.

When the moon rides high
my spirit sings out to it
keenly as a blade.

Even the most trite
and simple observances
can become haiku.

The cold air has come
out of the north-western lands.
Finally, we freeze!

My cat Yowler died
after finding some poison.
I’ll miss him always.

Every now and then
Someone here will instigate
One more haiku thread.

From “Guy Stuff” to the
1920s-style death ray,
None tops “Gotcha ya!”

I can certainly relate
I do like haiku
Oh yeah, nature:dirt.

bitter memories
of embarrassing defeat
haunt my soul nightly

Doping at work
Getting paid for doing this
life is good



I’m: Atheism,


Odinoneeye’s work
simply doesn’t count up right
in lines one and three.

I’m not ragging him.
I’m simply observing it.
Counting can be hard.

Practice makes perfect.
(And writing many haikus
makes one very terse.)


the time spent counting
five syllables often takes
up the whole haiku

This is my first line.
And this is my second line.
Lame haiku, I know.

And so inconsiderate
Get your own toothbrush

Counting syllables
does not always make haiku –
nor leaves make a tree.

Translating language
requires flexibility
and skill – so does form.

Haiku does not fit
the English language as well
as the Japanese.

My own preference
is to approximate the
form, not echo it.
Autumn. Lilacs withered
months ago. Now leaves fall
into still, black water.

Derleth, this is very, very fine:

Thank you.

Thanks, Fatwater. It’s nice to know that my art can inspire a feeling of beauty in others. That’s one of my favorites out of that group, too.

Free-form haiku?
Maybe it is still cool.
Freeverse chic.


The arising Earth
feels the kiss of the sun
upon its skin.

The sun is golden.
Its brightness is painful.
I love the moon.

Air like wine.
Its touch invigorates
my blushing skin.

This day is dying
and the sun is bleeding
all over the sky.

The night is alive.
The stars shine like eyes
looking out of oblivion.

The sky is deep
and rich with nothingness
enhanced by jewels.

The moon sleeps.
The stars take her place
among eternity.

type long genius post
click and wait, post is now lost
god frickin’ dammit

The voices howl
lost in cybernight
they cry “Cite?”

Nerds in the ether!
Learning wows the unseen crowd!
Who needs to get laid?

Digital hive-brain
Flame-war threads will bifurcate
The seizure is grand mal

Cafe Society
Klingon proverbs, Simpsons quotes
How bored are you guys?

Four windows open
Three for SD, one for porn
Multitasking rules!

The page loads slowly
Hamsters strain, the server clogs
Time to get a life?

Ignorance rules all
Dopers are the mind’s elite!
Stand back while I hurl

Lost in the masses
No one knows you, no one cares
Username can shine!

“Cannot find server”
Hit the button, try again
Curse my full bladder!

Here’s a link to haijinx, “a haikai journal that primarily focuses on modern interpretations of the haikai poetic and artistic tradition, including the role of humor in haiku”:

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I tried to write a
poem. I tried to write a
poem. I tried to

The rock in the box
A catchphrase without meaning
Is my dog on fire?