The highest daily temperature EVER recorded in Ireland is 91.9 Fahrenheit

I had no idea the island of Ireland was so temperate.

Irishmen that moved to the American west in days of yore must have been suffering!

They suffer today if the temperature goes above 70. Not that it ever does.

One more reason why I curse the gods for not making me Irish.

I’m gonna guess this has a lot to do with the fact that in Ireland the furthest you can get from the (mostly rather cool) ocean looks to be about 55 miles.

Heh, I should move to Ireland. Though it sounds like it gets pretty cold there.

I can live with that. How are the winters?

Years ago, I was planning a trip to Ireland in February. People thought I was crazy, but it was a lot warmer in Ireland in February than Nebraska in February. Hell, it was almost a tropical vacation to go to Ireland in February.

(Ended up going in May.)

I remember shocking an Irish friend of mine by telling her that we actually get tornadoes in Ohio. She was horrified when I told her about one time here in OH when we had two tornado warnings in three days.

Don’t remind me! I have a colour-chart solid-state thermometer card that tells me I should be at 21° and above is wasting energy. No thanks, 21° is where cool stops, 25° is comfortable, 30° warm and from 35° up ‘hot’. Last I looked, it was on 27° because it doesn’t go any higher. Of course Dublin’s a long way North (about 56°) and I come from 49° but it is still depressingly too far from the Eurasian landmass to benefit from hot winds coming that way or South from Spain and the Sahara just as it is to suffer from the Siberian blasters that make winter a misery in France.

Does my Irish ancestry explain why I have never managed to acclimate to central California summers, despite having spent nearly half my life in central CA? Anything over 100 and I turn into a puddle.

Where I live, we get a range of ten below to 110 above. That’s -23 to 43C.
And we can get weeks of either. Is that unusually wide? Because I see people mentioning how people from out west faint in 105 in Georgia. Can’t be any more humid than it is up here.

Dark. Dark as hell. The sun sets at 3.30 in the afternoon.

The winters certainly aren’t bad by Nebraska standards, but my most recent reference point is San Francisco, and they’re colder than that.

That sounds like a fair trade for cool summers. Better than fair, in fact. Where does the line for immigration start?

The record high for Hawai’i is 100° F.

Heh. I was just thinking “Wow, it only goes down to -2 ?!”

Ah the winters in Dublin aren’t that cold. I love Irish weather. I dunno if I’ll ever be able to move to Ohio. Where in the US has similar weather to Ireland?

Kodiak! The other Emerald Isle.

Can you hold a spot for me, as well? I’ve lived in LA all my life, and yet I still get unpleasantly warm when it goes over 80 degrees. Ireland sounds like my kind of place!

Ireland has palm trees. (Seriously.)

I wouldn’t be so fast to accept very short daylight hours. You’ll be shocked how negatively it affects you.