The hijack game. win absolutely nothing but your insanity...

Nothing like hearing the doorbell ring when you’re waiting for that pizza!

Speaking of which - last night some idiot rang my doorbell at 9pm. I (stupidly, husband at work, home alone with 2 small children who I had JUST put to bed) yanked open the door to find a man standing about six feet back. I said “please don’t ring the doorbell, my children are asleep.”
He said, “Sorry, I…” SLAM! I slammed the door in his face. I have never done that in my life! For all I know, the guy was telling me that my roof was on fire.
PMS is a powerful thing, I tell you…

I have a hell of a time getting my three-year old to go to bed. She alsways wants to run around and paly and yell her head off instead. Then she’s always tired in the morning and she doesn’t want to get up and go to pre-school.

This post has been hijacked by the Hijacker.

Do y’all remember (in the '70’s) when like every week a plane was being hijacked to Cuba?

Speaking of the 70’s, wasn’t that when they decided to introduce those new non-smoke cigarettes? Can’t remember what the first wave was called, but they have a new kind out now, called Eclipse. Carbon filters and all.

What a world, what a world.

What’s next, non-alcoholic beer and de-caf coffee? I tell ya, I blame it all on the Zoroastrians.

Speaking of Eclipse, did you know you can watch an eclipse thru two CDs?

Speaking of CDs, does anyone else arrange theirs by favorite performers (1st) then in chronological order for each individual artist (2nd)?

Or is that just me?

speaking of favorite performers, my BF got me tickets to see my favorite, Tori Amos, at the end of August.

You know, my mother was born on August 15th.

well, according to my calendar, August 15th is the day the Panama Canal was opened in 1914. What a coincidence!

My sister and I bought the same birthday card for our brother.

One time, at band camp, I met a traveller from an antique land…

My cat’s breath smells of cat food.

I spent $30 on pizza for the weekend.

Must. Get. To. Gym.

My cat is bipolar.

I had a friend who was bipolar. I would hate that though. I couldnt be a pilot if I was. And flying is the best thing. last week I was flying in some really nasty weather, just hoping to avoid cell towers, because I was basically skimming the trees. But hey, it all worked out.

Speaking of trees, how old is the world’s oldest tree? Do they eventually die of old age?

I have a tiedye t-shirt I bought at the north pole. If I ever make it to the south pole, I’ll be bipolar!

Really? I have a white t-shirt that laces up in the front. It does, however, remind me never ever ever to drink bright red alcoholic beverages while wearing a white shirt…it now has red drops on it.

Forensic scientists can tell how a person was killed by the shape and placement of red drops of blood on walls.