The hijack game. win absolutely nothing but your insanity...

Ok fellow dopers, i have an idea for a game. i dont know if it’s been done before, but i had the idea totally on my own…
Now, there are a huge amount of hijackers on this board, me included. now, what’s if every post was a hijack of the previous one? say the OP was talking about guitar amps. a natural hijack would be guitars, maybe followed by acoustically-sound woods (if the previous post mentioned the word ‘wood’ at all). get the idea?

lets see how long we can keep this going dopers!!!

my OP. hijacks required!

We have a small dog, a border terrier to be precise, and she’s possibly the nuttiest and most fearless animal we’ve ever owned.
Exept for one seemingly irration fear: empty laundry baskets. now, about 5 years ago (she would’ve been 1 or 2), we kept the baskets on top of the drier itself, for ease of finding them, and the dog’s favourite spot during winter was in front of the drier due to the nice warmth… anway, i dont know how it happened, but suddenly we hear a barking/yelping sound, and the dog is trapped beneath an upturned laundry basket, running around frantically in an effort to get it off. but it’s not happening. she’s got crazy, wild eyes, and she wont stop running. after we stopped laughing (wouldnt you?), we took the basket off her and gave her a big hug and calmed her down. she was fine, but she wouldnt sit in front of the drier anymore, and every time an empty laundry basket is brought near her, she runs away. VERY fast…

I have a great laundry story…

When we had the baby Sauron’s mom came over for a day to watch the baby while I had to attend a meeting at my office. Well, she decided to do laundry for us and she washed and folded about 4 loads worth.

When we both got home from work and she went back to her house I was commenting to him that I really HATE his mother to do our laundry. I said something along the lines of “I don’t particularly like the idea of your mother pawing through my underwear…”

I decided I needed to call and thank her so I tried the number and got her machine. I decided to leave a message. I was in the process when our other son asked if he could say something to his grandmother and I handed him the phone. Imagine my horror when he said, “Hi, grandma. Hope you had a good day. You know what? Mommy really hates it when you paw through her underwear.”

I grabbed the phone and hung up…horrified.

The thought actually crossed my mind that we had a key to their house and we could probably make the hour long drive down there and erase the message before they ever got home if we hurried.

But the Voice of Reason finally got me and I made Sauron call her the next day and explain as nicely as he could and I avoided her for the next few weeks.

And I have a story about pawing through underwear!

I used to live in a house in Boston with six other people–four men, two women. The ladies all worked regular nine-to-five jobs, and the men mostly worked nights (when they had jobs).

One day, I wasn’t feeling well, and I came home from work early … only to find all my male roommates (even the gay one) up to their elbows in my underwear drawer. Two of them were wearing my bras on their heads, and one appeared to be counting the colored pairs vs. the plain white pairs.

I simply left the room and went to watch TV. If they were that interested by my underwear, what was I going to do, put all my panties in a safe?

They never offered an explanation, and I never asked for one. I simply told the female roommates to count their underwear, which brought a vehement denial from the boys that they would never steal our underwear, they were just curious as to what types we wore.

There. Hijack that. :smiley:

Speaking of answering machines, I was just wondering what outgoing messages people have on their machines. Before I got married a few months ago, mine used to say "Hello, you’ve reached Barry’s answering machine. He can’t come to the phone right now, but if you leave a message I’ll be sure to give it to him when he get’s back. Anybody else care to share?

Sorry to interrupt. Carry on…


Boston? What part? I just moved to Malden, which is just north of Boston.


I’ve always wanted to go to Boston. Maybe next year for vacation.

But, then again, We are planning an anniversary trip to New York so Boston might just have to wait a while.

As hijackers go, we’re obviously a rather disorganized bunch…


Speaking of disorganized, my desk is such a mess. I can’t find anything I need!

Speaking of not being able to find things, I think my kitten stole the remote control and put it somewhere.

You have a desk?

Why, when I was younger, we had to write all our essays on the backs of the children in front of us. The ones in the front row always failed.

School was tough, let me tell me ya. We were the only elementary school whose newspaper had an obituary column. Our jungle gym was a real jungle.

And speaking of columns, did you know that, at 185 feet (plus the statue on the top), Nelson’s Column is nearly twice the height of Trajan’s Column (a mere 100 feet)? Makes you think, eh?


This one time, back in my freshman year of college, I got assigned a research paper in which I had to quote and cite seven primary documents supporting my thesis. The professor gave us a list of topics to choose from, or we could come up with our own and get it approved from him. We had 8 weeks to complete the paper.

Fast forward to the night before the paper is due and I’m sitting in my dorm room, looking at the list of topics. None look appealing to me, so I closed my eyes and pointed to one randomly. “The Beats” is the topic my finger chose for me. “That should be relatively easy,” I think…except the library is closed, and internet sources are not allowed. Luckily, the library opens at 7 AM and the paper is due at 1 PM. Six hours to do my paper? “I bet I could do it in four,” I told myself. 9 AM, I wake up, get to the library, use the randomly-pointing-finger method to pick out seven books and get to a computer to get to work.

That might have been the worst morning of my life.

i always leave assignments too late as well, but being on a programing course, we had to create a blackjack game, and i actually managed to make the whole thing and make it work in 4 days!!! doesnt sound like much of a feat? it does when you actually dont understand a) how to play blackjack and b) how to program it. many books were used!

Speaking of “4 days!!!” I’m going fishing next weekend. I took Friday and Monday off so I’ll have 4 days off work!!!


My dad made me go fishing when I was a kid. I hated it. Worms, all gooey and eviscerated, and FISH!! Oh, Og, I hate fish. I was force fed slmon by my mom when I was a kid.

Maybe that’s why…


b.t.w. what is the correct biological name for fish shit?
If you know, please post it to this thread

I’d like a pizza with anchovies to go.

I used to work as a pizza delivery guy. Don’t let your kids pay for pizza!

I’ve done plenty of pizza deliveries over the years. It’s amazing the stories drivers come back with. I’ve seen them come back with checks obviously written by Children. Like pay to the order of: pizza and very childish handwriting. And the driver brought it back to the store and turned it in as payment, never having looked at it apparently. Then again, I’ve brought back checks to completely different pizza companies than the one I worked for, so ya never know.