The hottie: A performance piece by scott evil (Part one of two)

I eagerly await your arrival.

It’s only been a while - but the interval has felt like too long.

I adore your looks. You look so uncannily like Jimmy Fallon from Saturday Night Live. Friends envy me.

Your laugh is loud and boistrous - but always inspired, and always lifts me.

You are ravenous in your animal lust.

Ravish me.
Renew me.

I have never tired of your body. Even your funny hips get me going.

And … “it” … cannot be more perfect.

I cannot wait to welcome you into my home once again.

I shall await you with as much patience as my being can muster, my Hottie. Neither of us will go home - or wake up - disappointed.

That I am sure of.

To be continued…

  • s.e.

We were told there’d be punch and pie?

Whew, I think I need to open a window, it’s gettin’ a little warm in here.

LOL… :smiley:

I found one of your letters when I was going through your mail downstairs. And when I realized that my apartment looks directly into yours, I got my binoculars so I could better gaze upon your beauty. Can I offer you some sham-pag-na?

Somehow I don’t think that the above has anything to do with me… :stuck_out_tongue: