the "I couldn't sleep, so I started the" MMP

So I went to bed at a normal time, surfed the tube for something droney to fall asleep to, and found a favorite movie, followed by another favorite movie, followed by a favorite TV show, etc etc, at which point I decided I may as well get started on my taxes and since I’m up anyway, start the MMP (good thing I have today off)

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

First! w00t!

Back to bed…

What I do when I can’t sleep depends upon the circumstances. Generally, I stay in bed and try not to think of anything. If I can’t turn my brain off, sometimes, I’ll find something on TV that will lull me back to unconsciousness, but if my sweetie’s asleep, I can’t to that. I’ve gone out to try to sleep on the couch, I’ve gone on line, but unfortunately, few things seem to work. I used to be able to do the “relax everything starting with the toes” trick, but that hasn’t helped in a while. And if the cats start walking on me, all bets are off.

And thanks to my idiot dog, I’m up earlier than I wanted to be on my day off, so here I am. Happy Freekin’ Monday… :stuck_out_tongue:

We need to be up and dressed by 8 - today’s the day our cleaning girls come. (No, that’s not a demeaning term - they really are girls, relative to us. I’d be surprised if either is 30 yet.) Anyway, while they’re cleaning their usual parts of the house, we’re going to clean the disaster that my studio has become. And before the day is over, I’ll be sewing the buttons on the new vest, including using the cool buttonhole attachment on my cool machine. I just need to look up the directions again - it’s been a while since I played with that.

The weatherfolk say we’re supposed to have showers on and off all day, then steady rain tonight, possibly mixing with the evil white stuff. I am not amused. I want spring, dammit!

Anyway, Happy Birthday, George Washington, and Happy Presidents’ Day, all the rest of you elected leaders of the Free World. :smiley: And for those who have to work today, Happy Monday…

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’ YAWN It is an irk day for me alas.

I have no trouble sleepin’ usually. I mean, there are those occasional nights but a melatonin the next night fixes things up. Of course there’s the wake up and gotta go pee thing but I fall right back to sleep.

All you that are off have a fun day! All of us who have to irk, well, live through Monday. :smiley:

Tonight is men’s night at the church house. Thus I have steaks marinatin’ and beer chillin’. Lookin’ forward to it.

Now I go to seek out more caffiene and brekkie for rumbly tummy. Then irk purtification must commence. I have several home visits to do today which I don’t mind cause that means I don’t have to be in the office so much.

Happy Monday Y’all!

it depends, I have two “can’t sleep” modes. The most frequent one is known in my family as “the bed is kicking me out” mode, which means I get up and do whatever can get done at that time: neighbors tend to frown on 3am laundry, but nobody can’t complain about me reading a book or playing on the computer with the sound off/headphones.

The other way, I relax until I either fall asleep or get kicked out by the bed.

Happy GW’s birthday, and smack FCM because today celebrates only your Presidents :stuck_out_tongue: I know you didn’t mean that US=Free World (unlike some politicians and their ilk), but that line of yours needed more coffee.

I’ve never had trouble sleeping.:smiley: I am off to irk today.

Morning! If I can’t sleep either I’m sick, so I watch tv; am upset, so I cry or am anxious, so I try to work on what I’m worried about (like paying bills or planning a busy week).

A bit snowy today. Off to work for a little while.

Good morning! Happy Monday.

We don’t get President’s Day off, so I’m here. I hope we get our new project off the ground and I get some real work to do.

I almost always wake up around 3:00, usually to pee. Some nights it’s easy to go back to sleep, but some nights, like last night, I can’t shut off my brain. I just lie there kinda dozing, trying to channel my thoughts towards sleep - until the alarm goes off at 4:00. Weekends I can sleep until 6:00 or 7:00.

‘bout an inch of snow so far - if it keeps up like this all day (but it won’t) tomorrow may be a snow day. but truly I am so over snow this season. When the plowed piles were over 10’ high, I thought “let’s just airlift the lot of it over to Lake Mead and see if we can’t raise those water levels back to not scary”

Good morning all! I am very skilled at sleeping poorly. I usually put a show on that I’ve seen before or turn the radio on or put on a CD. Sometimes it takes a couple of shows for me to fall asleep, but I usually fall asleep for at least a little while. I woke up pretty early this morning, but was still tired, so I fell asleep again (with some movie in the background) and woke up just 15 minutes ago. Unheard of.

Even less heard of: my nephew was still asleep. He’s normally up about 7:00, no matter how late he stayed up. But I think he and my brother stayed up REALLY late.

I hear stirrings, now, so I guess I should get up so that we can wish brother a happy birthday…

Happy Monday…Happy President’s Day to those who are observing it…and hugs to all!


I accomplished something! Yay! Now I may play for a while.

Provided it’s still early enough: Ambien
Happy not working Monday! TBW is emptying the dishwasher and making caffienating fluids before I start frying up bacon for breakfast. Later the gym, then a doc appointment followed by more dedicated sloth.

Ah, better get off the couch before Cuervo (who just came in the room) decides my lap looks comfy and settles in to purr.

Nava, my use of the leaders of the Free World was deliberate and snarky. Few things irritate me more than the mentality that the US is the sole authority and arbiter of Freedom and Liberty. Those who seem to think we need to “do something” about the protests and goings-on in the middle east and Africa need a major fwap with a wet trout. And to clarify, I am not anti-American, I’m anti-“everything American is perfect and we should be able to tell the rest of the world how to live” point of view. Of course, there are those who would call me non-patriotic for saying something so radical… :rolleyes:

We just finished emptying my studio of miscellaneous crap - yay! I’ve got some dried out clay reconstituting in a couple of containers and I think I have enough pieces done to fire a load. So yay for that.

Four buttonholes and buttons will finish the first vest - I may layout the second one also. Or not. We shall see.

why would you want to avoid that?

Howdy Y’all! Havin’ a little lunch break. Some roast, carrots and N.O.T. leftover from this weekend’s roast beast. YUM! Now I best take my leave and do some paperwork. I gotta head back out around one for two more home visits. Then it’ll be steak and beer time! YAY!!!

Slept like a log for once; never even turned over.


nap time

Had an interesting weekend. I was on hand to witness BIL and SIL set fire to two demonstration rooms to promote residential fire sprinklers.

To make a short story even shorter - if you drop a lit cigarette into a trash can, or between couch cushions, the room can be destroyed in under three minutes. If your home has fire sprinklers, the fire will not become severe enough to cause much damage.

The plexiglass is there to contain the smoke and heat as if a normal wall was there - your house probably doesn’t have one entire wall missing.

Do you smell smoke?
90 seconds later - nasty smelling and quite deadly
Less than three minutes after the first smoke. Can we put that out before we set fire to the entire parking lot?

I didn’t like those drapes anyway
Less than a minute later, the sprinkler has activated
At 62 seconds, the fire is out.

Popping my head in to say hi, before we go off the Intartoobz.

The movers are about 75% done packing, and will load some stuff tonight before calling it quits. I’m amazed how fast they work, how much crap we have, and how much dust is going for the ride. :rolleyes:

Have to go. I’m using her computer, and this is the last room for them to do. I have orders to tear down the PC. Toodles…

The vest is finally done, so I’m going to assume the knit position. Sketties for supper because I don’t feel like cooking.

And I’m thinking I’m going to fire our cleaning girls - their work seems to be getting more and more superficial. I know they weren’t going to do deep cleaning, but it’s as if they don’t make any effort to go beyond the easily cleaned. Criminy, are the two corners of the shower that hard to clean? They’re just not worth what we’re paying them.