The I Got Called Out During The Sermon MMP

Heh. Ruble called YP Pastor. Truth is he’s both a Priest and a Pastor bein’ as we are a combined Luterun/Whiskypalian congregation. Mind you we are an Episcopal church with a Lutheran congregation, but still he’s both. Matter of fact the new “church proper” will include a chapel named “Chapel of Our Savior” after the Lutheran Church of Our Savior which is the congregation that joined up with us. The LCOS Baptismal Font is the outdoor Baptismal Font in the Memorial Garden. We also have an outdoor Altar that was built in honor of their former Pastor who passed away last Summer.

Well, that was rambly!

In other news, N.O.L. has been et. I had me a ham 'n cheese sammich made with some spicy pepper jack cheese. This is the same pepper jack cheese I buy all the time but this particular batch seems spicier than usual which is not at all a bad thing.

Oh well, back to irk.

Blurf in the extreme.

About 7.15pm on Saturday, just as I was eyeing up the clock and thinking ‘Nah, its still a little bit early for bed’, my boss rang. Could I do a shift, starting 8, 'cos the person who was supposed to be doing it had a family emergency? I’ve had basically no work for the past month- I had to use the money my parents gave me for Christmas to pay the rent- and I thought the Sunday rugby was probably going to get cancelled, so I reluctantly agreed, despite feeling tired and a bit ill. It finished a bit after 2am.

To my complete surprise, despite the fact we had heavy rain almost all night, the pitch was deemed fit to play, and rugby happened. I just got home from that at about 6pm, stuck a frozen pizza in the oven for something quick, easy and cheap, and got out of uniform when… my boss rang.

Could I do a shift in the empty car park, starting 7? Pretty please? He got to the point of putting sugar on the pretty please, and said he’d pay for the full shift even if I did get there half an hour late (giving me time to eat the pizza), so I agreed. Got home about 11.15 pm (though at least I got to spend an hour of the shift watching tv on my tablet with the guy I was on with, even if it was out in the cold).

I woke up at 4.30 this afternoon, and I could go straight back to sleep now.

I’m not working now til friday though, which is why I agreed to it all- I’ve got a friend coming tomorrow to stay til thursday, which is great 'cos I’ve not seen her in nearly 3 years, then as soon as she goes I’m going to a trade fair in Birmingham with my parents.

Oh, and Gotti, your post reminded me of summat one of my friends posted on facebook:
One of the problems caused by the internet is the easy access to pornography, and the unhealthy and unrealistic beliefs that has given to the modern generation about…

how quickly a plumber will turn up at your house :smiley:

Yeah, fingers crossed. We were going to work on getting the gate back up, but halfway through set-up, thought to check the weather. We got all the measurements and then tarped up the wood to protect it. Had a nice oak wood fire going during the game with the rain coming down outside.

What we really need is snow in the Sierras, and we didn’t get much yesterday. I found a cool map, though, and if you hit the three day button, you can see that we got a little. Fingers crossed for Thursday.

The radio this morning was talking about signs that the fronts might be coming together to make something big. The online forcasts just show maybe rain Thursday and again over the weekend - maybe. So either the radio guy was being hopeful or it’s up in the air.

Appreciation to your church group,** Swampy**. Like you said, it was the whole group pitching in, and that’s nice.

Hope Rosie and Bobbio are feeling better soon.

Now, Yeller, should one really “appreciate” a church group? Oh, like y’all didn’t think I would do that! It’s a known fact I never pass up an opportunity to be juvenile. :smiley:

I’m in a funk today, grumpy as hell.
Now it’s flipping snowing.

You can do that? Just join two different denominations into one parish? Are the Lutherans still Lutheran? Or Lex Luthorans?



Nothin beats the feeling of helping out some deserving folks unless it’s being praised for doing so. Good on you and the boys, swamp! And I total agree it was the faaaaaaaaaaaabulous green shoes. Sorry, taters. :wink: I must admit that the game was so one-sided that I switched over to Downton Abbey at 9:00. And now I’m tahrd from staying up too late.

It is currently 84 degrees Murkin and sunny…a treat after all the drizzly rain of last week.

Various hugs and tsk tsks for those who are feeling blurfy.

He did finally arrive, and he is on the bearish side…

But, if I don’t let him fix the hot water, I’ll be in hot water.

Howdy from da cave. I had to go out to meet with a potential host agency and since it was closer to da cave than the orifice, I made the executive decision to finish out the day irkin’ from da cave. I can do that. Leftovers for dindin tonight so no cookin’ to be done. YAY!

The Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church In America have an agreement termed Called To Common Mission, so yes we can do that. It’s a long read but if you’re into that kinda church nerdness it’s pretty interestin’.

gotti you could let Mr. Bear Plumber fix the hot water and then “get into hot water” with him. :wink:

One thing I forgot to mention about YP’s sermon. He called us “Holy Groundhogs.” Just so y’all can understand the context in which he said that, Here’s The Sermon.

I must point out that “Righteous Gentile” comes off the tongue more trippingly that “Holy Groundhog”. :slight_smile:

“Holy groundhogs, Batman, I can see my shadow!”

So [del]Swampy[/del] XL rodent, did you see your shadow yesterdiddy?
Driveway has been shoveled. This one is wet & heavy, no pushing it to the edge of the driveway, had to get a shovelful & carry it there.

I did not. It was cloudy yestiddy.

flytrap HEE! Holy Groundhog, Batman!

swampbear karma’s only a bitch if you are. :smiley:

**swampy **- your men’s group reminds me of my spousal unit’s HOG chapter. In the year he’s been a member, the group has done at least 3 $$ collections for folks in need, plus they all went shopping for stuff for the local veterans’ home - underwear and toiletries and suchlike. There’s a lot more good in the world than we hear about.

No snow down our way, but we got a bunch of rain for a few hours. Now it’s just overcast, wet, and cold out. I’m glad I’m inside. Busy day at work, which is good. Followed by a good workout on the recumbent bike and a quick stop for some medicinal whiskey for my sweetie and a few grocery items.

Even tho I don’t much like football, I did stay up and watch the game, just because it was hilarious! It was like a pro team playing a Pop Warner team. I should have gone to bed earlier - I was tired when the alarm went off. Oh well…

Speaking of my sweetie, he finally made an appointment to see his Dr. I’m glad for that. Especially since he’ll be going back to Ocala in less than 3 weeks - he can’t be sick when he takes his dad back to Duke.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print. Happy Monday!!

And you are a Woman of Valor, FairyChat! :slight_smile:

Gay and bitchy go so well together. I am in biiiiiiiiiiiig trouble! :eek:

MOOOOOM be sure and tell the spousal unit he and his HOG chapter are Holy GroundHOGS! I crack me up!

True that there’s a lot more good in the world we don’t know about. I still like to believe many people do good things that nobody ever knows about cause that’s the way it should be.


WAITAMINIT!!! You’re Gay!!! :eek::eek::eek:

It just doesn’t get old, y’all :wink: