The I Got Called Out During The Sermon MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’ early so I can do this. YAWN 'Tis 67 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 71 for the day. Rain shall also descend upon us at some point later in the day. So, here it is, a brand new, shiny MMP!

As y’all know, it is my custom to betake myself to good ol’ St. Pat’s Episcopal Churh on Sunday mornin’s to get my Whiskypalian on. Yestiddy was no different. Except it was. I got called out during YP’s sermon! :smiley: It’s not as bad as y’all might think. I’ve always said I’d probably get called out one day for my heathen ways and used as an example of what not to do. Alas, this was not to be.

YP was talkin’ about how sometimes it seems we get put in the right place at the right time to help those in need. He then went on to give an example of this from our last men’s night over to the church house, which, as y’all know is sump’n I truly enjoy doin’. Ok, I was there at men’s night early to do set up as is my usual thing. The phone rings and I answer. It was a call from a woman whose husband had lost his job a couple of weeks ago and they could no longer stay where they had been stayin’ as they paid rent week by week and couldn’t affort that any longer. They had other arrangements but for this one night would need a place to stay. She also has two young kids. I asked for her name and a number I could contact her, explainin’ that YP would be there shortly and I would fill him in and get him to call her to see what we could do. I also assured her that we would do everything possible to make sure they had a place for the night. She called back a few minutes later to tell me she wouldn’t be at the number she called from very long but would call back around six thirty if that was ok. I told her to please call as I wanted to make sure her family and her had a place to stay for the night. YP showed up shortly thereafter and I filled him in on the details. She called back and I answered the phone. YP talked to her and came back to the group asking if we could take the money we throw in to the pot tonight and help the family out. Of course, everybody readily agreed. Now usually everybody throws in a couple bucks to take care of the “fixin’s” that go along with the steak, meanin’ sallit, N.O.T., bizkits and whatever else. That night people were chippin’ in three, four, and five dollars. Heck, the guy who had bought all the fixin’s and is reimbursed for that even said he would not take any money until he was sure we had enough to put these folks up for the night. So, money got collected and a call made to a place to put ‘em up for the night. The place is right on my way home from the church house so I told YP I’d take the money over and pay and make sure the family got a room. It’s a motel, not fancy, but not sleazey either. Thus, my name got mentioned along with the guy who wouldn’t take money for buyin’ the steak night fixin’s durin’ YP’s sermon today. Cool huh? The way I see this is everybody there that night is a hero in this story because without even thinkin’ about it every man there ponied up extra bucks to take care of that family for the night. YP did a follow-up on them, btw and the husband found construction work (what he was doin’ before) and they are now back in a place of their own, so yay for that.

So that’s my story and the OP.

Let the hijacks begin!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks.

W00T! Second!

Congrats, swampy.:slight_smile:

Woot! Third!

Congrats, Swampy, we know you are a big softie underneath all that gold lamé and stuff.

I had a very pleasant lie-in this morning, didn’t have to get up quite as early as usual because I needed to go to the doc’s on my way to work. I need a repeat prescription that I had to get via the surgery’s nurse, so I went to see her, proved I was still alive etc, she gave me the bit of paper and I went back to reception so they could find a doc t sign it. Sadly there was no sign of a quack, and no staff available to take it upstairs for the duty doc to sign, so I decided not to wait and will have to call in on my way home tonight to collect it. All for the sake of my brain medicine…

Their fabulous green cleats made the difference. It all comes down to coordinatin’ one’s outfit with one’s shoes.

With that said, I suppose I should purtify for irk, alas and alack.

Morning all,

Back to the normal routine. Rain today. Irk will be irksome, of that I have no doubt. This will be the week I work out 4 days in a row dagnabbit! Chicken Mirabella tonight for din-din. What else did I forget?

Oh, yeah…BLURF!

Swampster, you’re the salt of the earth even if you were oblivious to the religious significance of last night.

Last night sucked. Not only did the Broncos take it in the shorts, but for a whole 'nuther layer of suckitude, I was up most of the night with gall bladder attack #4. That bitch gets yanked 2 weeks from today and I can hardly wait.

Well, VWife will now drop into a deep depression. Peyton lost, and it’s 2 weeks before NASCAR starts it’s engines.

Good on ya, swampy. And good morning to the rest of y’all. Hope your collective aches and pains disappear with the groundhog’s shadow.

Went to a friend’s 50th birthday party Saturday night. I got into a very interesting conversation with a physicist (who works at our local particle accelerator) and an actor. And drank far too much beer. So yesterday was a bit of a recovery day for me.

And now that the last episode in this series of Sherlock was broadcast last night, I can go read that relevant thread in The Cafe Society the Red Coats started months ago.

The irony of urban life - next to our gym is a Pizza Hut. Guess which place had a mob spilling out onto the sidewalk last night? Any guesses that involve exercise or fitness are invalid.

At least we had the gym completely to ourselves for about 20 minutes. When we got there, one guy was finishing his workout and right before we left, someone else arrived. We go to Anytime Fitness, so there’s not even a front desk clerk - just a badge reader at the door.

Meanwhile, where’s that dang plumber?

They hurt. What’d you expect. It’ll be a few more days before my muscles stop aching.

That was not a game. That was the Seahawks’ practice for the off season, and the Broncos’ biggest embarrassment in anyone’s memory. Were the Broncos even playing?

Hoping the Weather Channel is right about more rain Thursday. They’re calling showers, but every little bit helps here in California.

I’ve had the usual snuggle-fest with the Princess before getting up and her breakfast has been served. The fact that she hasn’t eaten yet is her problem (she’s probably just waiting for it to come up to room temp).

The Kitten Bowl was, of course, adorable.

I did not bowl last night. I’m guessing my landlord & co. were Seahawks fans judging from the hoopin’ and hollerin’ upstairs.

I must needs to take the lazy laundry out for its weekly trip. It does so enjoy a ride in the car.

You’re a good man, Swampy!

Happy Moonday!

Thirty-seven is as good as it gets out there today, and it’s deluging as well.
I have to go out later today so I hope the mess stops for a little while around 3.
I forgot to return a key to one of the last two clients last week. I spent a lot of time talking with my friend. Her daughter goes to court today for the permanent restraining order. Tomorrow is a bail reduction hearing, that is the one making her nervous.
Part of her wants him to get out so he doesn’t lose his job (he’s only 9 months from retirement) and can help pay the bills, the other part is scared he will get out and come back to finish what he started.

So I need to get up and get busy doing some stuff around here. We need to go grocery shopping but not likely in this mess.

You’re a good man Swampy Bear!

I am irking from the web today so the TV has been on. I am doing such because there is ::gasp:: white stuff falling from the sky, as much as 8" of the stuff. Of course they’ve been predicting this since Thurs or Fri & Jan was the third snowiest on record so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to anyone, either that it’s coming or remembering what it looks like, especially since there was still much white stuff on the ground last night from last weeks storm(s).
Why then are all of the local stations running extended & exclusive weather coverage*? This leads me to the conclusion that snow causes less shootings, arrests, major car accidents & other “if it bleeds it leads” types of stories since there are none being reported they obviously didn’t happen, right? :rolleyes: Mebbe the 'hood wud be safer if it snowed more often!

  • including the school closing ticker is still running even though most schools would have already been open for a few hours & repeatedly focusing on the guy in the cargo van work truck, with rear-wheel drive who is stuck on an uphill.

SO I finally read the OP - swampy, you gotz karma points out your wazoo!

You and your group are awesome for helping out folks in their time of need, Swampy.

Yesterday’s game was absolutely wonderful to watch, and while Swampy thinks it’s awesome green cleats that helped my beloved team, the reality is that it was pure determination, teamwork and skill. Our defense was absolutely stellar and Russell Wilson was calm and collected.

Both my husband and are sick with whatever bug I managed to contract last week. I thought I was feeling better on Saturday, but by yesterday, I was feeling pretty bad. Unfortunately, we had people coming over. We both sat far away from our friends and did not touch or handle any of their food with our hands.

Hubby tried to go into work today, but was back home by 7:15. I didn’t even try. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck several times and my sinuses and head are just killing me.

I’m hoping a day of just lying around and relaxing will put us both enough to rights that we can go in to work tomorrow.

I sure hope your gallbladder keeps it’s act together for the next two weeks, **Bobbio. **

Y’all make me blush! Really IMHO, everybody there that night was a hero for pitchin’ in without battin’ an eyelash to help those folks. One thing that was kinda nice durin’ the sermon was two friends (twins) who were sittin’ in front of us who turned a little sideways in their pew to grab my hands and squeeze ‘em durin’ the sermon and OYKW placin’ his arm around my shoulder and squeezin’ the back of my neck. A real “AWWWWWW” moment for me! Oh and the other guy whose name was mentioned in the sermon and I made a beeline for each other durin’ the peace. We hugged and kinda simultaneously said, “I’m glad we got called out for a good thing.” :smiley:

BBBobbio that’s just your gall bladder lettin’ ya know it ain’t goin’ without a fight. It shall lose, however.

Feel better Taters and hubby! I still say there’s a market for fabulous coordinatin’ cleats in pro sports. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spokes ain’t no good without that hub to hold them together and move them along. So blush all you want, Swampykins, I agree with your Pastor — congrats and continue to be a good example to all!